How Much Does KPLC Pay Interns

How Much Does KPLC Pay Interns, 2022, Kenya Power Service

Most people keep asking how much does KPLC pay interns.

KPLC is among the public companies in which many fresh graduates would like to get an internship.

However, even before looking for an internship, the first question which crosses their mind is how much Kenya Power pays interns.

We have researched for you how much interns are paid and the requirements you need to have during the internship application process.

It is a comprehensive blog post you need to read and understand all about the internship at KPLC.

How much does KPLC pay interns?

It is not specified how much KPLC interns are paid, but the pay is according to the position offered.

Mostly the interns are paid between 50k to 100k and allowances. 

About internship at Kenya Power

Internships are available at Kenya Power for recent graduates and diploma holders.

The organization provides an exciting chance for employees to obtain practical work experience and build critical employability skills to help them stand out in today’s job market.

If you have earned a degree or diploma and are looking to advance your career and establish a name for yourself in the corporate world, apply today for our internship program.

The internship program at KPLC is part of the government’s Youth Initiative, which aims to create a pool of young talent for the Kenyan labor market.

There are several internship positions offered by KPLC, not only those with degrees or diplomas related to electricity.

There are several other departments, and they offer internships.

The KPLC internship is offered for a limited period of only three months.

Requirements for KPLC Interns

There are requirements you ought to meet to be allowed to take the KPLC INTERNSHIP.

These requirements include the following:

  • You must be available for the entire term of the program, which is three months.
  • Have recently graduated from an accredited institution with a degree or diploma.
  • You must be a Kenyan citizen.

How to Apply for Kenya Power Internship

If you meet the above requirements, then you can proceed to apply for the KPLC internship.

It is easy to apply for the internship; all interested persons are required to visit the KPLC website and apply for the available internship opportunities.

The available internship positions are posted under the Public information tab and Career Opportunities section.

Everything is done online, and after filling the application form, you click the submit button.

After submitting, they will evaluate if you qualify for the position and contact you to start working.

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