How Much KPLC Charge Per Unit

How Much Does KPLC Charge Per Unit, 2023, Kenya Power Units Guide

Do you know how much does KPLC charge per unit? Many Kenyans are on prepaid where they have to buy units, but many don’t know how much you pay Kenya Power charges per unit.

However, worry not because you are here now, and by the end of this article will have known how KPLC charges per unit.

It is true KPLC doesn’t charge per unit to its customers. Some are charged higher compared to others. 

You may wonder why this is so, but I’ll explain to you.

According to KPLC, they have categorized their customers according to the number of units they use per month, and so it is the pricing. 

KPLC deems this categorization as the subscription to a certain tariff.

How Much Does KPLC Charge Per Unit (Lifeline Customers (DC1-L) Tariff)

Customers who consume less than 100 units per month are subject to the Lifeline Customers (DC1-L) price.

This tariff’s average cost per unit (kWh), including taxes and levies, is KSh15.

Nevertheless, this is only an average price.

The actual cost varies depending on the current taxes and levies applied to the pricing.

The Fuel Energy Cost, which changes in connection to international fuel prices, is an excellent illustration of one such source of variation.

As a result, the cost of one unit in this tariff is at an all-time high of KSh16.74 at the time of writing (May 2021). (17).

As a result, Ksh1000 in this rate will earn you between 58 and 66 units on average.

Domestic Ordinary (DC2-O) Tariff

Customers with a monthly usage of more than 100 units but less than 15,000 units are subject to the Domestic Ordinary (DC2-O) rate.

This tariff’s average cost per unit (kWh), including taxes and levies, is KSh23.

Similarly, the cost fluctuates depending on the current tax and levies rates. As a result, Ksh1000 will purchase you an average of 41–43 units at this pricing.

Other factors which determine the KPLC charge per unit include

  •         VAT
  •         Fuel Energy Charge
  •         Forex
  •         EPRA Charge (formerly ERC)
  •         WARMA Charge
  •         REP Charge
  •         Inflation Adjustment

How to Check the Current Price of KPLC Tokens

The KPLC’s power app is the quickest way to verify all possible tariffs’ current price per token.

Here is how to do it:

If you’re using an Android device, go to the Google Play Store, but if you’re using an iOS device, go to the App Store.

Choose the Bill Simulation option from the app’s start screen.

To use this feature, you do not need to register.

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