How To Change MPESA PIN

How To Change Mpesa PIN, 2022, Basic Steps To Reset Your M-Pesa PIN

In today’s Safaricom guide, we will show you how to change your Mpesa PIN.

Have you ever found yourself in a state where you have shared your Mpesa pin with those you trust that are friends to us and our family members? 

But you feel like your funds are no longer safe due to everyday trust issues, and you want to reset your mpesa pin? 

Don’t panic because here are simple steps to follow to change your pin; before we get started, you should have the Safaricom sim card on the phone you are using.

Steps On How To Change Mpesa Pin

If you want to change your Mpesa PIN, then follow the steps below:

1. On your phone, go to your apps and tap on the (STK) sim toolkit.

2.Then tap on the mpesa option to start the process of changing your pin.

3. Select my account

4. Then tap on “change pin“.

5. Key in your old pin; this is a way of verifying that you are the account owner.

6. Then, you will be required to input your new Mpesa pin.

 Note: You should input four digits that you can easily recall.

7. Authenticate if the new digit is correct.

8. Press ” OK.”

9. You will be asked to wait for a few minutes for a text indicating you have successfully changed your pin.

And the best part about changing or resetting your Mpesa PIN is that it is simple and also free of charge.

What Happens When You Forget Your Mpesa Pin?

In some cases, we are not insecure about our Mpesa pin to change it. 

Some issues are brought about by forgetfulness, which can hinder you from withdrawing cash or even sending money to your loved one or even paying bills because to complete the process.

You are required to use your Mpesa pin.

The only thing you can do is receive money, but on the other end, you cannot send.

When Should You Reset Your Mpesa Services Password?

Your Mpesa Pin is something that should remain confidential. 

Though we share our account passwords with those close to us at times, it gets to the point that you feel that the trust that was there is no more, so you should not hesitate to change your pin.

If you have shared your Mpesa pin and start seeing that they are carrying out activities like withdrawing cash without your consent, you should consider changing your pin.

For security purposes, you should try and change or reset your Safaricom M-Pesa PIN.

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