How To Cancel FNB Connect

How To Cancel FNB Connect, Terminate FNB Connect Now

If you want to learn how to cancel FNB Connect in South Africa, check out this quick guide.

FNB connect provides an innovative cellular offering that allows you to manage your SIM spending as easily as you manage your banking.

If you sign up for FNB mobile virtual network operator FNB Connect, you will receive free data, airtime, voice minutes, and SMSs.

What Does FNB Connect Offer

If you have an Easy Account, you get 30 voice minutes, 80MB of data, and 30 SMSs each month.

With a Gold and Gold Fusion account, you get 60 voice minutes, 120MB of data, and 60 SMSs per month.

Premier, Private Clients, and Private Wealth account holders get 60 voice minutes, 500 MB of data, and 60 SMSs on FNB Connect.

These are the FNB Connect offers in South Africa.

How To Cancel FNB Connect

Follow the steps below to cancel FNB Connect:

  1. First, visit the FNB official website
  2. Next, log in with your username and password
  3. Next, select My Bank Accounts
  4. Next, select SIM cards
  5. After that, your SIM card landing page will be displayed
  6. Next, select the relevant SIM card to cancel
  7. After that, click Block SIM
  8. Next, select the reason why you want to block the SIM card from the list of options provided
  9. Next, confirm the SIM block and click Finish.
  10. After that, the selected SIM card will be canceled

This is how to terminate FNB Connect in South Africa.

How To Cancel First National Bank Connect Through Customer Service

You can also cancel FNB Connect from the bank branch.

Visit any FNB bank and ask to speak to a customer care representative.

Tell them that you want to terminate FNB Connect, and they will help you do it.

You can also contact the bank’s customer service and ask how to go about canceling FNB Connect. 

You, however, will be required to provide some personal information to verify your identity.

After you cancel your SIM card, you can swap it if you change your mind later.

This is how to cancel FNB Connect through customer service in South Africa.

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