How To Block FirstBank Nigeria ATM Card In Minutes

How To Block FirstBank Nigeria ATM Card In Minutes, 2022 Guide

Today’s guide will show you how to block a FirstBank Nigeria ATM card in minutes.

Your ATM card should be private and confidential, and you should never expose any information about your card to anyone.

Accidents happen, and if you lose your card, you should block it immediately.

When you lose your ATM card, you risk losing money from your account.

Why You Need To Block Your ATM Card in Minutes

If your PIN is compromised, fraudsters may wipe out all the money in your account.

Your ATM card may be used to make criminal transactions that may trace back to you even though you were not involved.

Many people find themselves in such situations and later realize that the ATM card they never blocked has landed them in trouble.

You, therefore, need to take precautions immediately when you realize that your ATM card is missing.

These are the reasons why you should block your FirstBank Nigeria ATM card in minutes.

How To Block FirstBank Nigeria ATM card in minutes

To block your ATM card using your mobile phone, you first have to ensure that the mobile number is linked to your bank account.

Send the work BLOCK to 30012 immediately if you lose your ATM card.

Your ATM card will be blocked within 24 hours, meaning that no transactions, either withdrawals or payments, can be made with the card.

This is how to block a First Bank Nigeria ATM card in minutes.

How To Block FirstBank Nigeria ATM Card With The Mobile App

Please follow the steps below to block your ATM card using the First Bank mobile app:

  1. First, open your First Bank mobile App
  2. Next, press the option and go to ‘Card Services’
  3. After that, select your card type
  4. Next, click on the option ‘hotlist card.’
  5. After that, follow the prompts to block your ATM card

This is how to block First Bank Nigeria ATM cards in minutes using the Mobile App.

What To Do After Blocking Your ATM Card

Visit any FirstBank branch near you and apply for a new ATM card.

The new card will have a different serial number.

The former card will be deactivated permanently if you apply for a new card.

You should do this after you block your First Bank Nigeria ATM Card.

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