What Is The Limit For MTN Mobile Money In Ghana

How To Check MTN MoMo Limit, MTN Ghana Mobile Money

The amount of cash that that be received and can be sent on your MoMo wallet is dependent on the limit of your mobile money wallet. In this guide, we will find out what is the limit for MTN mobile money and how it affects financial transactions on the MoMo platform.

MoMo limit creates a regulated space for all MTN mobile money transactions. This guide will treat you with needed information on the MTN MoMo limit.

What Is MTN Mobile Money Limit

Mobile money limit can be defined as the amount of money that is allowed to be transacted by a MoMo account.

MoMo limit is grouped into three, namely, daily limit, monthly limit, and threshold.

What Is the Limit For MTN MoMo In Ghana

This is dependent on the subscriber level you belong to.

Subscriber’s levels are categorized based on the information reflected in their system based on your account.

The subscribers level are in two categories, these are:

1. Tier 1 Subscriber

2. Tier 2 Subscriber

What is The Mobile Money Limit For Tier 1 Subscribers

Tier 1 subscribers are given the limit below for their MoMo account:

•Daily limit of Gh¢ 2000.00

•Monthly limit of Gh¢20000.00

•The threshold (maximum balance allowed at any time) is Gh¢ 10000.00

What is The MTN MoMo Limit For Tier 2 Subscribers In Ghana

Tier 1 subscribers are given the limit below for their MoMo account.

•Daily limit of Gh¢5000.00

•Monthly limit of Gh¢50000.00

•Threshold of Gh¢200000.00

What Is The Code To Check Mobile Money Limit In Ghana

The code for checking your mobile money limit is *170#.

Dial this MoMo code on your phone and follow the processes carefully to check your mobile money limit.

How To Check Your MTN MoMo Limit In Ghana

Follow the simple steps outlined below to check your MoMo limit:

1. Dial *170# using your mobile phone

2. Choose option 6 (My Wallet) from the menu list

3. Enter “#” to view the next page

4. Go for option 8 (Check MTN MoMo Wallet Limit) and send

5. Input your MM transaction code and send

6. Your MoMo limit is then displayed on your phone screen

That is all we have for you about checking the MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) limit.

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