How Can I Extend My MOMO Limit In Ghana

How Can I Extend My MOMO Limit In Ghana, Follow This Procedure

How can I extend my MOMO limit in Ghana? If you ask this question, you have come to the right place.

This guide will show you all the information you need to learn about extending your MOMO limit.

Like any mobile money wallet, MTN MOMO has a daily and monthly limit on the amount you can transact.

If you have already reached your maximum transfer limit and still need to transfer more cash, you might consider extending your limit to accommodate your increased transfer requests.

Why There Is A MOMO Limit In Ghana

The bank of Ghana, which is the regulatory body of financial institutions in Ghana, regulates transfer limits for all financial institutions, including mobile money services.

The limit is put in place for security reasons, such that when your account details leak, fraudsters cannot empty your account.

The limit ensures enough cash flow in MTN where all customers can make a transfer without compromising each other.

These are reasons why there is a limit for MOMO transactions in Ghana.

How To Check Your MOMO Limit

Follow the steps below to check your MOMO limit:

  1. First dial *170# on your mobile phone
  2. Next, select option six, which reads My Wallet
  3. Next, dial # to view the next page
  4. Next, dial 8 to check your Wallet limits
  5. After that, enter your MOMO PIN 
  6. After that, you will see a detailed summary of your daily and monthly limits and the amount you have used at that time.

This is how to check your MOMO limit in Ghana.

How Can I Extend My MOMO Limit In Ghana

If you are not satisfied with your current account limits, you can request a limit increase.

To request an upgrade on your mobile money account, visit any MTN office nearby and submit your request.

You will be asked for the documents below to extend your limit:

  • A bank statement not older than three months 
  • A utility bill with your name on it
  • An employer’s reference letter or a registered Tenancy agreement with your name on it 
  • The ID you used to register your MOMO account.

It may take up to 24 hours after submitting the required documents for the process to be complete.

This is how you can extend your MOMO limit in Ghana.

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