How Can I Get My GTBank Secret Question

How Can I Get My GTBank Secret Question, Find Out Below

How can I get my GTBank secret question in Nigeria? This is one of the most asked questions among GTBank users.

A secret question is a question-and-answer combination only known to the account holder.

The question is set up as an added layer of security upon login or to be used in password retrieval.

Without question, you will not be able to initiate financial transactions on your internet banking platform even though you know your tokens and passwords.

How Can I Get My GTBank Secret Question

Follow the steps below to get your GTBank secret question:

  1. First, visit the GTBank online portal
  2. Next, enter your User ID email address or phone number linked to your GTBank account
  3. Next, type in your password
  4. Next, click on login into the account online
  5. After that, click on self-service
  6. Next, click create secret question and Answer
  7. After that, select the suitable secret question
  8. Next, click Submit to complete the process

Your secret question and Answer will be effective for use after that.

How To Get Your Secret Question Via The Mobile App

Follow the steps below to change your secret question through the mobile app:

  1. First, log in to the GTWorld or GTBank appĀ 
  2. Next, tap the menu icon in the left corner of the screen
  3. Next, select the Settings and HELP option
  4. Next, press Set/change secret question and Answer
  5. After that, enter the question and answer you want
  6. Next, click Save Answer to complete the process

This is how to get your secret question via the mobile app in Nigeria.

How To Change Your Secret Question

You can change your GTBank secret qGTBank uestion by yourself through internet banking, calling, or emailing GTConnect.

Contact GTConnect at +2348029002900 or +2348039003900 and request to change your GTBank secret question.

Email GTConnect with the email subject as Request to change the secret question to change through the email.

Include your full name and the reason you want to change your secret question.

This is how to reset your GTBank secret question in Nigeria. That is all we have for you in this guide.

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