Wells Fargo Zelle Not Working

Wells Fargo Zelle Not Working, Find Out Why & How To Fix It

If you are here, your Wells Fargo Zelle is not working. If you face such challenges, check out this guide for solutions.

Just like any other payment platform, Zelle may not work for some time either due to technical errors or any other problems.

However, this should not stop you from using the system, as you can rectify the error causing the payment to stop working.

Why Wells Fargo Zelle Not Working

Wells Fargo Zelle may not work if your mobile number is already enrolled in Zelle with another participating bank or credit union.

Your mobile number cannot be enrolled with more than one Zelle.

You will have to contact the participating bank or credit union to deactivate the mobile number from your other Zelle profiles.

You need to enroll a unique US mobile number or email address per Zelle account.

Your Wells Fargo app may hang if your phone storage is exhausted.

These are some reasons Wells Fargo Zelle is not functioning on your phone.

Why You See A Service Temporarily Available Message When Making Payments

This message is an indication that Wells Fargo Zelle is not functioning at that time.

Contact the bank and consult on the way forward regarding the issue.

You can also wait for a few minutes and retry making the transaction.

Check your internet connection to ensure it’s not the problem.

This is why you see a Service temporarily available message when using Wells Fargo Zelle in the US.

Wells Fargo Zelle Not Working

Below are some solutions you can try out if Wells Fargo Zelle is not working:

  • Close and restart your Wells Fargo app to clear it
  • Ensure that your anti-virus programs are not blocking the Wells Fargo app
  • Try and clear the NS Cache in your mobile phone, and then use Zelle
  • Uninstall and then install the Wells Fargo app again

These are some of the solutions to help when Wells Fargo Zelle does not work.

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