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G4s Kenya’s contacts, Make Your Call To G4

In this article, I’ll be sharing with G4s Kenya’s contacts. You can use them either for inquiries about their services or query. G4s is a well-known private company in Kenya. It offers security and courier services. They have their offices across the country, making it one of the top preferred security and courier providers.

The company offers reliable security services as it can use its local and international knowledge. Additionally, the company offers safety risk assessment services for infrastructure, buildings, and other places. G4s also work hand in hand with Kenya’s government as it offers the company a contract to safeguard its assets and assisting in dealing with terrorist threats.

In addition to knowing how to contact G4S Kenya, it is equally good to know which services the company offers. The main service offered by G4s is security, but they also offer courier service. Additionally, they offer Visitor Management solutions, CCTV Surveillance solutions, Alarm monitoring, biometric solutions, and other services.

Generally, G4s’ main services are security and courier service, but they also provide other services related to security. If you wish to know if they offer the security services you want, then contacting their customer care will help you find the right answer to the inquiry.

Various ways you can contact G4s Kenya customer care

Here we have G4s head office contact details to use either for inquiry or query. You will get to know all the company’s services upon asking about their customer care and the charges. The company also has other branches across the country, including Nyeri, Murang’a, Kisumu, Kitale, Eldoret, Malindi, Busia, and other major towns. You can also get the specific branch contact details on the G4S page.

G4s Kenya’s Contacts Numbers

You can call the head office Head Office Nairobi via mobile phone number 0732 171 2000/ 0711 042 000 / 020 698 2000 or if the issue is related to their Courier services, call the Head Office 0732 171 223 / 0732 171 000.

G4s Kenya Location address

You can also visit the head office for further inquiries or a query located at Witu Road off Lusaka Road.

G4s Kenya Email address

You can write your complaints or questions to G4s Head Office and send via email info@ke.g4s.com or the issue about their Courier services at couriercs@ke.g4s.com.

G4s Kenya working hours

G4S Kenya their working hours are 24/7.

G4s Kenya Social media accounts

You can also follow G4s Kenya on social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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