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Tala Kenya’s Contacts , Make Your Tala Enquiries Easily

Are you looking for Tala Kenya’s contacts? Look no further. Here you will find various ways you can get in touch with tala customer care. Whether you want to settle your unpaid loan, want the company to clear you from the CRB listing, or would like to know why your loan application was rejected. You will get a quick response from tala customer care in response to all these issues, among other issues you may have.

To apply for a tala loan, you need to have an android mobile phone and install the Tala loan App. Tala, formerly known as the Mkopo Rahisi app, is a loan rendering company, and it renders the loan via its application. It offers their loan at low interest and flexible time payment period. After application, you will receive the money on your Mpesa account within minutes.

Sometimes your application may be rejected, and you are in need. The best way to do this is to contact Tala Kenya customer care for assistance. Hence, you find this article handy in such a situation as we have detailed all ways you can contact Tala Kenya customer care.

Various ways you can contact Tala Kenya customer care

Have you been wondering how to contact Tala Kenya customer care? Worry not; you have actually come to the right place. Here we have researched various ways you can contact Tala Kenya customer care for you.

You need first to understand that Tala carries its operation remotely. They offer you a loan through mobile phone, no banking or physical meeting. Thus they are limited ways you can contact them. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot speak with Tala customer care, but it is not the same way you visit a bank.

The company has administrators who can offer customer care services to their customers and other assistance they need. Additionally, you can get support if you have a problem with your application. Here are how to get in touch with Tala Kenya.

Tala Kenya’s Contacts Numbers

The only way to speak with the tala customer care team is to submit a request at Tala Kenya Support. But you can send the customer care an SMS if you need support or have a question to 21991.

Tala Kenya Location address

Tala has its offices located at 1633 26th St. 3rd Floor Santa Monica, CA 90404. You can visit their offices if you have burning questions or queries.

Tala Kenya Email address

Additionally, you can send an email to Tala at hellokenya@talamobile.com or info@tala.co.

Tala Kenya Social media accounts

Tala is active on social media channels where you can also contact them. Facebook: @talamobile Twitter: @TalaKenya Instagram: @talamobile. On Twitter, you can then send a Direct Message or Facebook. 

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