Forgot MTN Mobile Money PIN

Forgot MTN Mobile Money PIN, Find Out How To Recover It

Forgot MTN mobile money PIN? Do you want to know how to reset it? If you do, check out this guide to learn how to do it.

Anyone can forget their MTN mobile PIN; if you do, you should reset the PIN to the one you understand.

What Is The MTN Mobile PIN

Every active mobile money account has a PIN code to authorize transactions.

MTN Mobile PIN is a five-digit pin code used to authorize funds withdrawal, send money, shop online, web login, and pay bills.

This is what we mean by the MTN mobile PIN in Nigeria.

Forgot MTN Mobile Money PIN

If you have forgotten your MTN mobile PIN, follow the steps below to create a new one:

  1. First, dial *126# on your mobile phone
  2. Next, Go to My account
  3. After that, enter the number that corresponds to Forgotten PIN
  4. After that, you will be sent a code to your number via SMS
  5. You can also call MTN customer care at 8787 to get the code
  6. Next, enter your date of birth, name, and ID card number to get the One-time Password
  7. Next, enter the OTP sent to you and then create a new PIN for your account

If you have forgotten your MTN mobile money PIN in Nigeria, this is what to do.

How To Reset your MTN Mobile Money PIN

Follow the steps below to reset your MTN Mobile Money PIN:

  1. Dial *126# on your mobile phone to access the mobile money menu
  2. Next, tap Go to My Account
  3. Next, reply with the number that corresponds to changing the PIN
  4. Next, enter your current PIN
  5. After that, enter your new PIN
  6. After that, complete the process by pressing submit.

This is how to reset your MTN mobile money PIN in Nigeria. That is all we have for you in this guide.

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