How To Contact Airtel Customer Care In Uganda

Airtel Customer Care In Uganda, 2022, How To Contact Airtel Uganda Toll-Free Number

Are you looking for how to contact Airtel customer care in Uganda?

Airtel is fast growing across Africa. As a result, they have one of the largest customer bases in the region. Many Ugandans now use Airtel for their daily call activities, mobile money transactions, and various telecom services.

We have received many messages from our readers from Uganda seeking to contact Airtel Customer care in Uganda.

Sometimes as an Airtel customer, you may face some challenges with network signals, internet connectivity, Airtel money transactions, SIM card activation, and many more.

When that happens, you need to contact Airtel Customer service for help.

However, contacting Airtel Uganda is just a breeze, and even if you just bought an Airtel SIM card, you can get their support center within minutes.

So, we have decided to give you full details on contacting Airtel Customer service in Uganda.

We shall make it brief, so take a bit of your time reading carefully and following the steps precisely.

 Where Is the Airtel Uganda Head Office Located?

The Airtel Uganda head office is located in Kampala.

It supervises all Airtel activities in Uganda, including distribution, product sales, partnerships, services, product lunch, and many more.

Corporate entities and commercial banking clients, dealers, and agents of Airtel in Uganda can visit their office if they need assistance from Airtel.

You can locate Airtel head office in Uganda with the Address below: Airtel Towers, Plot 16A, Clement Hill, Kampala.

What Is the Contact Number of Airtel Customer Care in Uganda?

The contact number for Airtel Customer service in Uganda is 100.

It is active 24 hours all day, and you do not have to worry about airtime as it is a toll-free number.

 Meaning even if you do not have talk time on your phone, you can still contact Airtel customer care in Uganda with no call charges. 

Remember, you can only call their service center number (100) Airtel number.

How Can I Contact Airtel Customer Care in Uganda?

If you want to speak to an Airtel Customer care agent in Uganda, follow this procedure:

1. Kindly dial 100 on your cell phone.

2. Next, follow the voice prompt to change to the language of your choice.

3. Choose the option to speak with a customer care representative.

4. Kindly wait as your call is being forwarded to the next waiting agent to speak with you.

5. After a few minutes, an Airtel customer service agent will join you on the line and assist you with all your queries.

That is how you can contact Airtel customer care in Uganda.

What Is the Email Address of Airtel Uganda Customer Care?

You can also reach the Airtel Uganda customer support through email, as you can type all your queries regarding Airtel services and forward them to their email address.

Within minutes you shall receive a response.

If your responsibility to ensure you are contacting them via a valid email address.

Here is the official email address of Airtel Uganda Customer care:

How To Contact Airtel Customer Care in Uganda from Other Networks

Maybe you want to reach Airtel customer care for help, but you have a problem with your Airtel SIM. Do not worry.

You can contact Airtel customer service from any other network in Uganda.

You can use the contact number to call Airtel Customer support in Uganda from other networks: 0705100100.

Also, here is the Fax number of Airtel Uganda: +256 75 2234933.

How To Contact Airtel Uganda From Abroad

You can also contact Airtel from outside Uganda. Maybe you need help from a family member or a friend in Uganda regarding Airtel services.

You can call Airtel Uganda from abroad. 

It is highly recommended you always add the Ugandan country code (+256) to the number before you call.

If you want to contact Airtel Uganda from abroad, here is the number to call: +256705100100.

How To Contact Airtel Customer Care in Uganda Via Social Media

Airtel also offers customer services to its subscriber on social media.

Therefore, you can reach their customer service via all the popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, and more.

 Below are the social media pages of Airtel Uganda:

 Follow the Airtel Uganda Facebook page here:

 Here is the link to the Airtel Uganda Twitter account:

Also, you can link up with the Airtel Uganda LinkedIn page here:

Click here to subscribe to the Airtel Uganda YouTube channel:

Those are all the social media handles for Airtel Uganda.

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