What Is The Limit For MTN MOMO In Ghana

What Is The Limit For MTN MOMO In Ghana, Find Out Below

If you have been asking what is the limit for MTN MOMO in Ghana, then here are the answers.

MTNs mobile money MOMO has taken over the mobile money sector in Ghana.

The service is a fast, simple, convenient, secure, and affordable way of transferring money, making payments, and other mobile transactions.

Why there is a limit for MTN MOMO In Ghana

The bank of Ghana, which is the regulatory body of financial institutions in Ghana, gives a quota to all financial institutions, including mobile money services.

The limit is put in place for security reasons, such that when your account is compromised, fraudsters cannot empty your account clean.

 These are reasons why there is a limit for MTN MOMO in Ghana.

What Is The Limit For MTN MOMO In Ghana

There are two tiers for MTN Mobile money accounts.

You can only send and receive up to GHS 2,000 per day if you are in tier 1.

The monthly limit is GHS 20,000.

The total account limit for tier-one is GHS 10,000, meaning that your account cannot at any time hold more than GHS 10,000.

With tier 2, the daily transaction limit is GHS 5,0000, and the weekly limit is GHS 50,000.

The maximum amount you can have in your account with this tier is HS 20,000.

How To Increase Your Mobile Money Limit

If you are not satisfied with your current account limits, you can request a limit increase.

To request an upgrade on your mobile money account, visit any MTN office nearby.

You will be asked for documents such as a bank statement not older than 3 months, a utility bill with your name on it, an employer’s reference letter, or a registered Tenancy agreement with your name on it and the ID you used to register your MOMO account.

It may take up to 24 hours after submitting the required documents for the process to reflect.

This is how to increase your MTN MOMO in Ghana.

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