Vodacom Prepaid Data Deals

Vodacom Prepaid Data Deals, Find Cheap Vodacom Data Offer

Vodacom Mobile provides a variety of low-cost prepaid data plans. A while back, Vodacom cut its effective data rates by around 40%, depending on the data bundle size. As a result, in 2021, you will be able to purchase data bundles at a lower cost through various Vodacom prepaid data deals. All Vodacom Prepaid subscribers can get these latest data bundles by dialing *135# or visiting Vodacom Online (MyVodacom App & Portal).

With a prepaid SIM, which is also known as pay as you use, the Vodacom Prepaid Data Deals are available as Once-off or recurring. When you buy data, you will be automatically connected to the internet for as long as your data connection is switched on.

Categories of Vodacom Prepaid Data Deals

Vodacom allows you to choose between a one-off or recurring deal, which you can top up your data anytime you need it. Vodacom’s one-off data plans are standard data plans that you can subscribe to anytime you want. If you subscribe to a 7-day or weekly schedule, your subscription will be deactivated on the expiration date, and you can choose to subscribe for another seven (7) days at any time.

Recurring data deals, on the other hand, automatically extend your subscription before it runs out. It renews your subscription by using unused airtime from your Vodacom account balance. This package is perfect for users who don’t mind continually renewing their subscriptions whenever their data runs out.

You have complete control of whether to buy prepaid data on a recurring or one-off basis. These bundles, however, are subject to terms and conditions. You may visit the Vodacom page to read about them.

List of  Vodacom Prepaid Data Deals

The Vodacom Prepaid Data Bundles include the Hourly Data Bundles, Internet Daily Bundles, Night Owl Daily bundles, Weekly and Fortnight, Night Owl Weekly bundles, Once-off data bundles, Monthly recurring data bundles, Pay-once upfront, and Internet Starter Pack.

Hourly Vodacom Prepaid Data Deals

When you only use the internet for a few minutes, Vodacom offers you the option of purchasing data for 60 minutes. Visit the Vodacom official web page to view the hourly data rates.

Vodacom Internet Daily

You can buy regular data bundles from Vodacom that last for 24 hours, and you can use them for browsing any way you want until they expire. Visit the Vodacom official web page to view the daily data rates.

Vodacom Night Owl Daily bundles

If you enjoy browsing from midnight until the morning, Vodacom has just the bundles for you. Visit the Vodacom official web page to view the Night Owl Daily data rates.

Vodacom Weekly and Fortnight Bundles

Vodacom offers weekly and fortnightly packs as a one-off and/or recurring option to all prepaid customers.

Daily packages are available for seven days, and Fortnight bundles are available for 14 days. 

Daily packages are valid for 7 days after the purchase date, while the Fortnight package is available for 14 days after the purchase date.

Weekly night packages are available from 12AM to 5AM for 7 days. It’s important to remember that the weekly and weekly night packages are not the same things. Visit the Vodacom official web page to view the Weekly and Fortnight data rates.

Vodacom Once-off and recurring data bundles

You can purchase the 30 days data deals, which are valid for 30 days from the day of purchase and could be purchased on a recurring basis. Visit the Vodacom official web page to view the 30 days data deals.

Pay-once upfront and Internet Starter Pack

Data packages for 30 days, 3 months, half a year, and a year are available with Vodacom. Alternatively, you may buy an upfront deal that provides 12 data allocations every 30 days with a single payment. Visit the Vodacom official web page to view the Pay-once upfront and Internet Starter Pack Deals.

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