How To Contact KPLC Customer Care

How to contact KPLC Customer care, Calla Kenya Power Helpline

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When you have issues regarding electricity, the best office to contact is KPLC. It is the mandate parastatal in Kenya to govern all issues related to electricity.

KPLC is a government parastatal; therefore, when contacting them, you are contacting a government office meant to be accessed by all of Kenya.

Thus in case of any query, don’t hesitate to contact the office.

The issue may be about electricity at home like a meter, or the electricity has gone out for days; the right person to contact is KPLC customer care.

Sometimes many things happen related to electricity and fail to report, which is not appropriate.

KOPLC has even tried to establish its offices in every corner of the country.

If you cannot at least visit the KPLC customer, you ought to visit the nearest office and report the issue.

How to contact KPLC Customer care

Whether you would like to contact Kenya Power customer support because of a bill or have any other inquiry.

Below are the best ways you can get in touch with KPLC customer care for assistance.

Contact Kenya Power Through call

The first easy and quick option on how to contact KPLC customer care is to make a call.

KPLC has a 44/7 active number to report any issue related to electricity in Kenya.

The KPLC hotline is 95551, and you can also get in touch with KPLC head office customer care based in Nairobi by dialing Tel: +254 203201000.

If you have any issues related to KPLC services, you can contact customer care at 0703070707 or 0732170170.

Through email

The option available on how to contact KPLC customers is to write an email at

Customer care will reply to your email within three working days.

Connect With The KPLC Customer Care Through Social Media

The third option on how to contact KPLC customer care is to visit their social media pages either on Twitter or Facebook.

You will send them a direct message detailing your issue, and you will receive a response from customer care.

By visiting the nearest KPLC office

KPLC have its offices spread around the country.

Therefore, you can visit the nearest office to have your issue addressed.

It will be one-on-one interaction with customer care; thus, it will receive a response to the problem immediately or what you are supposed to do. 

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