Patent Registration In Kenya

Patent Registration In Kenya, How To Legalize Your Innovation

A Patent is a right granted for any invention. It is important because it gives an individual the right to prevent others from using or duplicating your product. This cushions you from undue competition from others who may use the same product. You can also make a legal claim against someone who may sell your invention without permission. In this article, we will talk about patent registration in Kenya .

 Requirements for patent registration in Kenya

  • An abstract that gives a summary of inventions application
  • Form IP3
  • Drawings where applicable
  • A description of your invention with at least one application
  • Claims defining why you want to protect your invention

Application fee For patent registration in Kenya

This process accepts cash only

Application fee of Kshs 1000. This caters for provisional specifications.

Kshs. 3000 for the final specification

The foreign application fee is Kshs. 4000 for a provisional application while final specification costs Kshs 12,900

Annual fees are payable from Kshs.2000 during the second year to Kshs.50000 in the 20th year.

 How long does a patent protection last?

In most cases, patent protection is granted for a limited period, usually 20 years from the date of application.

What rights does a patent provide?

Patents grant investors the right to exclude others from

What are the types of patents in Kenya?

There are three types of patents, namely, utility, plant, and design patents.

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