I Forgot My Cash App PIN

I Forgot My Cash App PIN, Find Out How To Reset It

There are a lot of messages from people saying, ‘I forgot my Cash App PIN’ If you are one of those people, then check out this guide to learn how to recover your PIN.

Cash App requires you to set a PIN to authorize your transactions.

If you have forgotten your PIN, which is normal and familiar to many people, you cannot make any transaction using the Cash App.

You, therefore, need to recover the PIN by resetting it for you to continue with your transactions.

What Is Cash App PIN

The Cash App PIN plays a significant role in protecting your bank, credit and debit card data.

Since the Cash App is installed on your mobile phone, and the mobile phones are among the primary devices that come with robust security, it’s no surprise that you have to set a PIN for your banking apps.

Your Cash App PIN is the same as the Cash Card PIN, so you don’t need to set up two PINs.

This is the Cash App PIN as described in the US.

I Forgot My Cash App PIN

If you forget your Cash App PIN, there is no need to panic!

This is because you can reset the PIN all by yourself.

You don’t have to contact customer care to reset your PIN, as you can do it from the app itself.

This is what happens if you forget your Cash App PIN.

How To Reset Your Cash App PIN

Follow the steps below to reset your Cash App PIN:

  1. First, log in to your Cash App
  2. Next, tap on the profile icon on your home screen
  3. Next, select Privacy & Security
  4. Next, Press Cash PIN
  5. After that, tap on Forgot Cash PIN
  6. You will then be sent a verification code to your mobile number
  7. Next, enter the verification code 
  8. After that, create a new PIN that is easy to remember and unique to you
  9. After that, confirm your new PIN

This is how to reset your Cash App PIN if you forgot it.

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