How To Unsubscribe From KPLC Messages

How To Unsubscribe From KPLC Messages, Stop Receiving Messages From KPLC

If you are searching for how to unsubscribe from KPLC messages, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I’ll share with you step by step how to unsubscribe from KPLC messages.

When KPLC launched text-based bill alerts, it effectively re-invented the process of receiving power utility bills, allowing customers to make early payment arrangements. 

However, when you change house, especially if you were living in a rented house, you need to unsubscribe from receiving the messages from KPLC regarding that meter you were using.

Customers have to register for the service using a USSD code to receive their electricity bills on their mobile phones or via email.

Customers in Kenya used to have to wait several weeks for their monthly bills to arrive through the postal service, which meant they had to wait and keep checking their mailboxes to see if their invoices had arrived.

Today, the entire process is carried out on the customer’s mobile phone, and clients can even make payments using mobile wallets like MPESA.

The nature of Kenya’s urban system, where many clients are tenants and are compelled to move from one residence to another, makes enrolling for an SMS or email notification stating the amount due difficult.

It can be inconvenient at times, and it can also confuse customers about whose meter accounts they should pay.

These warnings could be unsettling if you’ve moved from a few properties and both meters are registered under your names.

There is an easy way out if you no longer want to receive text message alerts from a meter not affiliated with you.

You can unsubscribe from the respective KPLC mobile meter reading notifications and stop receiving KPLC bill SMS by doing so.

You can opt out of any SMS bill alerts using a USSD code, just like you can enroll for the KPLC bill SMS service or request your monthly bill using a short cord.

How to unsubscribe from KPLC messages

It is easy to unsubscribe from receiving the SMS notification from KPLC. Follow these steps.

  •     On your mobile phone, dial *997#
  •         Select deregister if you’re using any of the above USSD codes
  •         From there, follow prompts

 You can also opt out of receiving SMS notifications from KPLC by contacting KPLC customer service and requesting deregistration.

Call KPLC customer service by dialing 0711 031 000 0732170170, 95551, 0703070707, or 020-3201680 request deregistration, and supply your meter and cell phone number.

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