How To Start A Upholstery Business In South Africa

How To Start An Upholstery Business In South Africa

Do you know how to start a successful upholstery business in South Africa?

If you have been seeking a business with less competition but has a higher financial profit return, then the upholstery business is for you, and establishing yourself into the business must not be a burden to you.

That is because this article is going to serve as a guide to you on how to start your upholstery business in South Africa.

Therefore, we encourage you to keep reading because the detailed information on how to plan, commence, operate and manage your upholstery business in South Africa is discussed below this article.

Many prefer reupholstering of their furniture rather than replacing due to the high cost of the furniture in question and in most situations reupholstering the furniture cost less than replacing.

The chapters that follow are detailed information on how to start an upholstery business in South Africa.

What You Need To Start An Upholstery Business In South Africa

The following are some of the basic requirements that have to be provided to help successfully commence your upholstery business in South Africa:

1. Business Knowledge Acquisition: it is important to acquire the skill and knowledge needed to operate and manage the upholstery business before planing, implementing the plan, commencing, and operating your upholstery business in South Africa

2. Business Plan: a well-structured business plan is a requirement to help establish and operate and successful upholstery business.

Always ensure that every element that forms part of your upholstery business is included in your business plan to prevent the rise of challenges in times of implementing plans, operating, and managing your upholstery business

3. Market Research: conduct extensive market research into the upholstery business. Good and successful research must provide you with detailed data and information that can assist you in making vital decisions such as location choice, target market choice, service pricing, and many other aspects of the upholstery business

4. Target Market: choose a target market with expensive furniture that upholstery cost less than replacing furniture

5. Location: most upholsterers operate the upholstery business from home when they have a large working space available at home to support and provide the upholstery services.

But during instances where there’s no working space available at home, you can find a better location that suits the upholstery business and must be easy to locate and accessible by customers and potential customers.

6. Leasing Store: at the chosen location to operate your upholstery business, find a leasing store and contact the store owner to make negotiations on renting the shop.

Upon agreeing on a leasing price, make a deposit equivalent to the agreed price into the store owner’s account and request for the documents that will stand as proof of legally acquiring the store.

7. Business Name: choose an easy-to-memorize business name that will make customers find it easy to recommend your services to friends and family.

Also, your choice of business name must have the ability to define the services your upholstery business renders by the mention of it.

8. Business Registration: register your upholstery business with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) to attain the documents required to operate a legal business in South Africa

To register your upholstery business for tax, contact the South African Revenue Service (SARS)

9. Insurance: insure your upholstery business with a trusted insurance company with good insurance policies that can help cover up for the losses your business faces in times of disaster or misfortune

10. Van or SUV: a van or SUV with a cover must be provided for transporting furniture from customers’ end to the business area and vice versa.

The vehicle must be covered to prevent damages from rain and must be spacious enough to convey furniture with no other form of damages.

11. Tools and Equipment: screwdriver, hex wrenches, hammer, cordless drill, electric carver’s knife for cutting foam, gooseneck webbing stretcher, upholstery shears, upholsterer’s pin, and marking chalk are some of the tools and equipment you’ll need for the upholstery business

12. Staffing: employ hard working and determined staff who are willing to learn a trade out of the upholstery business and help operate and manage your business to its successful destination

13. Branding: leave customers furniture with a signature that will keep them coming back and recommending your services to other potential customers

14. Advertisement: words by mouth, business cards, fliers, local newspapers, and online are some of the available advertising platforms you can choose to sell your upholstery business to South Africans

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Upholstery Business In South Africa

The capital needed to set up an upholstery business in South Africa differs depending on how big or small you want to operate from the start.

It is always advisable to start small as a starter, and after you get familiar with the ongoings in the upholstery business and financial profit starts to soar higher, then you can expand.

On average, the startup capital needed to establish an upholstery business in South Africa ranges between R80,000 – 300,000.

Is The Upholstery Business Profitable In South Africa

The upholstery business is a profitable business which when well managed to reach its successful stage, can generate a 100% and over return on investment (ROI) within 12 months of business operation.

Best Places To Start An Upholstery Business In South Africa

The following are some of the best places to set up upholstery business in South Africa:

1. Home

2. Near main roads

3. Communities where people purchase highly cost furniture

4. Places that are easy to locate and accessible by customers

How To Make An Upholstery Business Successful In South Africa

Below are some of the factors to put into consideration to help build a successful upholstery business in South Africa:

1. Maintain good and quality customer service

2. Affordable pricing of your upholstery service is a requirement

3. Deliver your upholstery service on time as promised

4. It takes hard work and huge determination to be successful in the upholstery business in South Africa

5. Don’t settle for setbacks.

Always find the cause of the challenges you face in your upholstery business and find a solution that can help you get back on your feet and make a fair share out of the market

Challenges In Making This Business Successful

The lists below are some of the challenges facing the upholstery business in South Africa:

1. Difficulties in meeting customer expectations

2. Transporting of furniture

3. The high cost of managing the upholstery business

4. Lack of trained persons in the upholstery business

Benefits Of Setting Up This Enterprise

The following are some of the benefits gained from setting up upholstery business in South Africa:

1. The investors and employees of the upholstery business benefit from the financial profit that comes with the business

2. The upholstery business generates income for the government through taxation

3. It has created employment for many South Africans

4. It sustains and supports the furniture-making industry

5. It gives a new appearance and condition to furniture that are in bad condition

That is the information we can provide on how to start an upholstery business in South Africa.

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