How To Start A Shop In Nairobi

How To Start A Shop In Nairobi, Establish A Lucrative Shop

Shops can be located anywhere in Nairobi. Retail shops offer the basic requirements of people in their daily lives. Opening a shop in Nairobi is very profitable. For a shop in Nairobi to thrive, make sure you have everything the people like.

Having everything people prefer is most likely to increase sales. The cost of starting a shop is very minimal. You can either have a retail shop or a wholesale shop.

What you should consider before starting a shop in Nairobi

a. Find out what people want from the shop. When you set a business, you need to have a plan and research what you will sell.

Find out what people buy the most and what items they would like to be sold.

b. Separate business from friendship. Do not trust anyone with your business. When you become close to people, most people tend to take advantage of that.

c. Find the best location to set up your business.

The best places to set up business in Nairobi are around major roads or near homes or apartments.

d. Have a plan for your business. Every detail of the business should be put into writing for accountability.

e. Identify the products to sell in your business. Your customers will determine the items to sell.

Most of the shop business will need a stock of sugar, flour, sweets, snacks, tissue papers, salt, tea leaves, milk, matchboxes, and bread.

What amount of capital will be required for a startup?

Maintaining a shop is very easy. The items you tend to sell in your shop will determine the amount of initial capital you will need.

You can continue restocking the business as the shop business grows. Renting a premise for the shop business is very expensive in Nairobi.

Look for a cheaper premise but a good location.

What type of license is required?

Starting a shop business in Nairobi requires the business person to secure a business license and permit.

You will only need a business permit to operate a shop. The business permit costs around sh 5,000 per annum.

How to boost the shop business in Nairobi

a. Selling quality products to customers. Quality products help retain customers.

b. Have other complementary services like the mpesa business. Customers can withdraw and deposit funds easily.

c. Find a market gap and make sure always to fill that gap. This in return, will help you earn profits.

Positive comment

With a good business location in Nairobi, making a huge profit is possible. The location will also involve a proper business plan for the business to keep moving.

The shop business can start with little startup capital, but you can stock or expand the business as the business grows.

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