How To Login to Your Pentecost University Student Portal

How To Login to Your Pentecost University Student Portal, Login With Ease

This article will discuss how one can successfully login to their Pentecost University student portal. 

Requirements needed for a successful login to your Pentecost University Student portal

For a successful login, you will need the following requirements; 

The individual must be a student of the Pentecost University

The individual must have a device that can connect to the internet

The individual must have login credentials – username/ form number and also their password or pin

If the individual all the above, he or she is good to go!!!

Steps to successfully login to your Pentecost University student portal

You can successfully login to your student portal by following the steps below; 

Visit the URL 

Once the window opens, your credentials will be needed to enable you to access your account. 

Your credentials needed are your username/ form number and his or her password or pin. 

Once you enter these and click on LOGIN, you will gain access to your portal. 

How to change your password if forgotten

To change your password if forgotten, just locate ‘Forgot password?’ and click on it. Then enter your username/form number in addition to your email and click on send password. Your Pentvars student portal password will be sent to your email. 

Who to contact if you can’t login 

If you can’t log in, you may have to call the system administration department. It can be done via the numbers 0205 086 497 / 0302 417 057/8 or send an email to the address,

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