How To Start A Movie Shop In Nairobi

How To Start A Movie Shop In Nairobi, Build A Vibrant Movie Shop

Movie shops are now common and have proven to be the most profitable business among the youth. Movie shop business has become a common thing among both graduates and undergraduates youth who have fought unemployment over time. Movie shop in Nairobi is one of the lucrative businesses.

What you need to start a movie shop in Nairobi

a) A good location

A good movie shop should be located in places where there is high human traffic. Locating a movie shop in a place like that, you may have potential customers who will be constituency coming for the service. In Nairobi, locating a movie shop near colleges and tertiary institutions is a good idea. This is because the target market for this kind of business is younger people. If you locate a business in a place like that then be sure to earn profit.

b) Have the necessary equipment to start a movie shop

Before starting a movie shop you need to have the following equipment;

1. A personal computer

2. A woofer

3. Fast internet access


5. License

6. Business permit

7. Movie posters

8. A duplicator

9. Discs

10. Furniture

c) Licenses

Operating a movie shop legally, you need to have a license from the MCSK which costs around Ksh 3,000 and a Ksh 1000 to the Kenya Film Censorship Board. A license will be given after payment. To operate the movie shop you also need a single business permit from Ksh 5000 to Ksh 15000 annually depending on the county government.

d) Pricing

A single movie or a series goes for around Ksh 30 to Ksh 50 depending on the size. Set prices that are reasonable and affordable to all the customers. Affordable prices will attract more customers,

How to get movies to sell

1) You can wait for other people to buy the movies and burn as many copies as possible.

2) You can buy movies online and pay through services like PayPal.

How much do I need to start a movie shop in Nairobi?

To start a movie shop in Nairobi will cost you from around Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 200,000. Below is the breakdown

Equipment – Ksh 100,000

MCSK license – Ksh 4000

Single business permit – Ksh 7000

Rent – Ksh 20,000

What are some of the good locations for a movie shop?

a) Near town centers

b) Near bus stations

c) Near campus or colleges

d) Shopping centers

e) Next to student hotels

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