How To Start A Beauty Shop In Nairobi

How To Start A Beauty Shop In Nairobi, Create A Profitable Beauty Shop

Beauty is something that is admired by not only women but men as well. As people go to work daily and go about their daily activities, they want to present themselves in the best way possible. Beauty shop in Nairobi is a business that is quite booming, especially in Nairobi, where the population is quite dense.

How much do you need to start a cosmetics shop?

When starting a beauty shop, there are several things that one has to put in the budget, including the cost of the rental space, the cost of the stock, furniture, the licenses, and permits from the government offices. This may take around 100,000 to 500,000 Kenya shillings.

Tips to starting a beauty shop

When starting a beauty shop, decide on the location that you want to set up the business. Let the location be somewhere with a lot of traffic and a safe location.

Research the business. Know the strengths and weaknesses of starting a beauty shop and what your competitors are going through.

Get all the necessary permits from the Nairobi City Council and certificates from the health inspector as well as from the fire department. This will help your beauty business run smoothly without any disturbances.

Look for a unique brand name and generate a logo that can easily be remembered.

Market your business using posters as well as online by creating a website and posting it in WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Twitter.

Make a business plan on how your business will grow and how you are going to spend the funds.

What can I sell in a beauty shop?

Some of the things in demand in a beauty shop include;

  •   Body lotions
  •  Eye pencil
  • Eye shadow
  • Earrings
  •  Hair food
  •   Lipstick
  •  Foundation
  • Hair oils
  • Color cosmetics
  • Skin and hair care products

Where can I buy beauty products wholesale?

For one to earn profits in a business, one should be able to buy the products wholesale so that they can sell them and make profits. 

Here is a list of cosmetic wholesalers that you can buy products from;

  • Crown of beauty ventures
  • Enjoy healthcare solutions
  • Ellena Beauty Products Kenya Limited
  • Ayu Retailers
  • Amanda Milano
  •  Cesliz nutrition and beauty

Is starting a beauty shop profitable?

The beauty shop business is profitable and booming in Nairobi due to the demanding population of people who need the product. It is quite easy to start as it does not need any training. Most people now want to look decent and good-looking no matter the cost. Starting a beauty shop in Nairobi has proven to be profitable because of the high human traffic in Nairobi. When you choose the best location for the beauty shop business, it guarantees making profits. 

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