How To Start A Furniture Business In Nairobi

How To Start A Furniture Business In Nairobi, Make Money From Furniture

Furniture business in Nairobi has been common nowadays due to the rising economic constraints. People have come up with great ideas like selling accommodation furniture in homes and office to earn a living.

The demand for furniture in offices and home is still high. It is not a must to have the skills to be profitable in this possible. Being skilled in this venture is an added advantage.

What are some of the things you should consider before starting a furniture business in Nairobi?

a.       You can choose your specialty. You can either choose to supply office furniture, restaurant furniture, household furniture, or others. You can specialize in all of them depending on the size of your capital or the demand of the public.

b.      Choose the best location in Nairobi for the furniture business. Place your work on a busy street in Nairobi near places where people reside. The location should be visible to all people. For the furniture shop, there is a need to place samples for customers to see. The furniture shop should be very visible from afar.

c.       Get the required tools and equipment. The capital plan for the furniture shop should be used mainly to purchase the necessary equipment.

Some of the equipment needed in a furniture shop includes;

1. A working bench

2. Hammer

3. Try square

4. A bench vice

5. Hand drill

6. Nails

7. Jack plane

8. Tape measure

9. Hand saw 

d.      Getting a business license

For any business to operate in Kenya, there is a need for business permits which are paid annually by all the business persons.

The license fee varies depending on the nature of the business. For a furniture shop, you only cater to a business permit that costs Ksh 8000 to Ksh 15000 per annum.

e.      Pricing. The pricing should be inclusive of the equipment and other expenses, and you should be able to earn profit from the business.

The prices should be affordable for customers.

A quality sofa in Nairobi should cost from around Ksh 35,000 to Ksh 150,000. Prices will always vary with design and what the customer is purchasing.

f.        Do market research. Before starting the furniture shop, do a market survey and see what level of competition is out there. The latest designs people are aware of. Social media is always a great marketing tool nowadays. Market your items on social media to attract more customers.

g.       Management of the furniture shop. Maintain good relations with the customers. It is not advisable to sell already made furniture. This because most customers order for specific designs. If you have carpentry skills, you can always take orders and design them accordingly. If you are not skilled in these areas, take note of the orders and sell a piece of quality furniture to your customer.

What are the types of furniture sold in Nairobi?

a) Dining set

b) Office desk

c) School desks

d) Television stand

e) Reception desk

f) Sofa seat

g) Drawers

h) Cupboards

What are some of the most suitable places in Nairobi to set up a furniture shop?

1) Toi market

2) Garden city malls

3) Wetlands

4) Mombasa road

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