How to start a chapatti business in Uganda

How to start a chapati business in Uganda, Setup Your Chapati Business

Starting a chapati business in Uganda is a big step towards becoming an entrepreneur in your own business.

The food business grows massively with the high demand of people day in day out trying to fill their precious stomachs after a long day of work.

Here is a guide on how one can start and run a chapati business in Uganda.

Requirements to start a chapati business

  1. When starting any business, the main requirement is capital. Depending on how much money one has or as loan, then one can start a small-scale chapati business or a large scale. The small scale majorly involves selling them on a small space by the roadside or even a small-sized hotel where you specialize in a cooking chapati. The large scale involves booking a space or room near town centers and even hiring employees to help you with the job.
  2. Once you have the right capital, the next step is to buy all the necessary equipment. This includes a cooking pan, salt, cooking oil, and a source of fire which can be gas or as many food vendors in Uganda use firewood.
  3. Select a suitable location where you can sell the chapati. The place should have your target population to boost your sales on a daily business.
  4. If you are planning to start a large-scale business, one might need to hire employees who will help you cook the chapati and even sell them.
  5. The majority of large-scale businesses require a business permit to start and run smoothly. It would be wise to get an operation permit from the Ugandan authorities before running a large-scale business.

Tips to start and run a successful chapati business in Uganda

The main aim of starting any business is to be successful and help it grow to be a long-term project. For this to happen, one has to make plans and be wise. Here are some of the tips to use;

  1. When starting the business, make a business plan that will guide and help you manage your funds. Make sure to follow your business plan so that the business can be successful.
  2. Advertise and market your business. This can be done on social media platforms such as WhatsApp statuses to friends and families. One can also tell the friends to bring more friends to buy chapatis at their business.
  3. Look for a location that has potential customers, such as outside schools and colleges or work areas.
  4. Add some more foods that blend in with chapatis, such as drinks, soups, or even fried eggs and sausages. This will attract more profit and customers.

How much do you need to start a chapati business in Uganda?

The chapati industry can be started with little capital from as low as. In approximation, 90,000 Ugx is enough to start and run the business. This would be enough to start a small-scale business and help it grow to make huge profits.

How profitable is the chapati business in Uganda?

The chapati business is quite lucrative and profitable. A packet can make up to 60 chapatis, so making about 15 packets of flour can bring huge profits. In a day, one can make up to 50.000Ugx.

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