How To Loan KPLC Token

How To Loan KPLC Token Via Okoa Stima, Kenya Power Okoa Guide

In this blog post, I’ll share with you how to Loan KPLC token.

Even if you don’t have money to buy tokens today, you can loan tokens and avoid staying in the dark.

The ability to loan KPLC tokens is possible due to the partnership between KPLC and Safaricom.

You can only be able to and the tokens if you are a Safaricom subscriber and enjoy an uninterrupted electricity connection.

This initiative to loan KPLC tokens is regarded as Okoa stima.

How Okoa Stima Service Works

OKOA Stima service is an initiative targeting Safaricom subscribers where Safaricom lenders loan which they can only use to buy KPLC tokens.

You also have to have an active Mpesa.

During requesting the loan, an amount of top-up plus a facility fee will be automatically debited from your Mpesa account.

It is expected you will pay the amount debited to your account to clear the debt.

You must register up to three meters for prepaid or postpaid accounts to be eligible for a loan.

Tokens and bills purchased or paid can only be used on the three meters you have registered.

Okoa Stima offers loans of any amount ranging from Ksh. 100 and Ksh. 2,000, with a facility fee of 10% removed upfront and due within seven days.

Both prepaid and postpaid KPLC customers can use this borrowing service.

If you are a prepaid or postpaid customer, the loan amount you seek will be given to your phone as tokens.

How to Register for KPLC Okoa Stima

The first step to loan the KPLC token is to register for Okoa stima.

The following are steps to follow and register for the service:

  •       From your Safaricom, dial *885#
  •       Choose Register New Now.
  •       Select either Prepaid or Postpaid.
  •       Enter your KPLC account number if you are a Post Paid customer or your meter number if you are a Prepaid customer.
  •       Send Confirmation Information by selecting yes, and you will see the Lipa Stima Menu.

You’ve successfully signed up for the Okoa Stima loan service.

How to loan KPLC token

After successfully registering for the Okoa time, you loan the KPLC token.

  •         From your Safaricom line, dial *885#
  •         Accept the Okoa Stima terms and conditions
  •         Enter your National ID number
  •         Select your preferred PIN and confirm
  •         After receiving a confirmation message via SMS, click Continue.
  •         Enter your Service PIN.
  •         Click register meter/account.
  •         Click “Register Now.”
  •         Select your account (prepaid or postpaid)
  •         Enter your KPLC prepaid meter number or account number for post-pay customers
  •         Submit your request.

If your request is accepted, you’ll receive an SMS from KPLC with token digits and another from Mpesa with details of the amount of loan debited to your Mpesa account.

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