How To Start A Catering Business In Zimbabwe

How To Start A Catering Business In Zimbabwe, Make Money From Catering

There have been increased parties or events in Zimbabwe. This has alerted business persons who are coming up with the catering. The catering business in Zimbabwe is on the rise and is a profitable business you can venture into.

What you need before starting a catering service

1. Have a marketing plan for the catering business.

The marketing for the catering business will be easier with the word of mouth. You can start with a small number, for instance, family members and friends. Take their orders from their organized small parties or gatherings. Your friends and families will be a marketing tool. Start with the small orders for 20 to 30 people. Then the catering business will expand to order of 100 and above people.

2. Focus on the market gap you identified.

Get the legal license from the local city council to lawfully operate the business. Avoid frequent harassment by the local authorities. Focus on one thing. If you focus on big events, focus on that. If you focus on smaller events like baby showers, engagement parties, and birthday parties, focus on that. These smaller parties are the most profitable ones.

3. Acquire license from the local council. Getting a license from the local council will help you do business freely without any problems. You apply for the license; once approved, you can begin operating the business. The license has to be health certified because it is a matter of hygiene when it comes to food.

4. Purchasing of the catering equipment. Having a business plan will help you identify the equipment you need and list them down. There is so much catering equipment that you will need to purchase.

5. Produce a high-quality menu that will make you outstanding from the other competitors. Design a good menu that will easily attract customers.

6. Offer additional services like decorations and events equipment. Manage both of them because most of the clients that need catering services also need other additional services.

What type of catering equipment does the catering business in Zimbabwe need?

The amount of equipment you will need will depend on the type of catering you do.

1. Cutlery

2. Appropriate transport and refrigeration facilities. All catering businesses need a vehicle to transport supplies they need or to deliver services to customers. You also need transport to transport ready food or for refrigeration purposes.

3. Freezers

4. Serving dishes

5. Warming equipment

6. Stock of food

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