How To Reverse KPLC Token

How to reverse KPLC token, Cancel Token Purchase In Minutes

Have you entered the wrong meter number and now you are wondering how to reverse the KPLC token you have already bought?

You’ll find this blog post useful as it entails various options on how to reverse KPLC tokens.

The introduction of prepaid meters by KPLC came with its benefits and challenges.

Among the key challenge, many Kenyans encounter are buying tokens at the wrong meter.

Many Kenyans don’t take time to counter-check the digits they have entered when buying a token if it’s correct, leading to an incorrect transaction.

Luckily, there are ways you can reverse the token even after the wrong account number.

Therefore, if you have purchased a token to the wrong account number, don’t panic. Rather choose the convenient way you can reverse from the options below.

Contact KPLC via social media For Reversal

When you realize you have entered an incorrect KPLC meter account number, the appropriate thing to do is go to KPLC social media account, either Twitter or Facebook.

On their page, you send a direct message to customer care to explain your issue.

Among details you ought to share includes the transaction details and the meter account number you intended to top up.

The customer care on the KPLC social media will forward your case to the revenue office responsible for reversals.

When they have reversed the token to your meter account through the social media page, you’ll be informed.

Visiting the nearest Kenya Power offices

KPLC has its offices spread around the country.

Thus, you can visit one near you and inform them you bought a token to the wrong account number.

They will request you to show the transaction and the meter account number you wanted to top up.

You will be prompted to fill a relocation form, and from there, they will process the reversal.

Note you need to carry your ID card when visiting the KPLC offices.

How To Reverse KPLC Token By Calling customer care

The other option on how to reverse the KPLC token is to call the KPLC customer care.

It is the quest way you can get your token reversed.

During the call, you will ask for your meter number and transaction ID.

Customer care will forward your case to the revenue office to process the reversal.

It is important to note KPLC token reverse takes approximately three working days; thus, you ought to buy another token as you wait for the reversal to be processed.

After the reversal, KPLC will send you a message with unit codes.

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