How To Request KPLC Bill

How to request KPLC bill, Get Kenya Power Bill Instantly

It is not a must to wait until KPLC sends you the bill to know how much you are supposed to pay. Kenya Power has made it possible for all its customers to request a KPLC bill.

In this blog post, you will learn how to request a Kenya Power bill. More so, you will learn more than options on how you can make the request.

How to request KPLC bill

The following are options available on how to request a KPLC bill.

The choice is in your hands to which suits you best. It is a self-care service, and the response to the request is immediate.

Request Bill Through SMS

You can send an SMS to KPLC, and you’ll receive a response detailing your request for the bill.

The SMS is automatic such that you can send the SMS any time of the day. KPLC has in place an E-billing system which has eased access to KPLC services.

All you need is to top your mobile phone with KSH 5 and send an SMS with your meter number 95551.

Through email

It’s straightforward to request a KPLC bill via email, and the best part is that it won’t cost you a shilling.

You’re almost done if you have a consistent internet connection.

If you’re wondering how to request a bill via email, follow the prompts below.

  •         Launch your web browser.
  •         Open your email client and create a new message.
  •         Enter your KPLC meter number in the subject field
  •         Add to the email address list and click send

You’ll receive an email from KPLC within minutes. Open the email, and there are all details about your bill.

How To Request KPLC Bill Through the Kenya Power website

The other option you can opt for and request a Kenya Power bill is by visiting the KPLC official website.

Here are steps to follow;

  •  Open your browser
  •   Search for KPLC official website or enter
  •   Click on the tab My Bill. You’ll be redirected to a new tab where you’ll be prompted to fill in your details.
  •   If you have an account, enter the details to log in. If you don’t sign up first, follow the prompts.
  •  After successful login to the KPLC portal, click on the first tab on the Bill/Meter Query tab.
  •  You’ll be redirected to another tab where you will be prompted to enter your KPLC meter account number.
  •  Click search.

The system will search for your meter within seconds and display your request detailing the bill balance.

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