How To Register With KPLC For Alerts, Receive Your KPLC Alerts

If you are looking for how to register with KPLC for alerts, you have come to the right place.  It is imperative to be up to date with news or alters about KPLC.

Nowadays, KPLC does notify its customers since there will be a blackout due to maintenance or any other issue.

When you have registered to receive such notification, it will help you prepare yourself to look for other means of getting power.

It’s unsettling to be using electricity in Kenya only to be subjected to the effects of a sudden outage.

However, energy blackouts are not uncommon in Kenya, and having some notice ahead of time can make a tremendous difference in terms of the amount of damage caused.

Anyone doing business in Kenya would benefit from being notified if the country’s energy was to be disconnected.

This will allow them to take the required procedures to avert a power outage as fast as possible.

How to register with KPLC for alerts through USSD code

The registration for KPLC alerts easily. Don’t wait to hear from people about alerts from KPLC. Rather is receiving first-hand information from KPLC. Here is everything you need to know and register successfully.

The process of registering for KPLC alerts through USSD is easy and will take less than 200 minutes. All you have to do is dial *551# and select the register option. After successful registration, you’ll not miss any alter from KPLC.

After that, you must enter your KPLC account number, email address, and ID or passport number before pressing the send button.

If you don’t have an email address, enter ‘0’ in the box and fill out the rest of the required information to register for Kenya Power’s smartphone alerts.

After successful registration, you’ll receive the notification you have subscribed to receive alerts from KPLC.

From there now and then, you’ll be receiving SMS from KPLC alerting you that something will happen in certain regions.

How to register with KPLC for alters

Another way to register for Kenya Power mobile alerts in Kenya is to go to Kenya on the Kenya Power and Lighting Company’s website.

You must provide your KPLC account number, name, mobile number, email address, and ID number. After signing up for KPLC smartphone notifications, you will be notified whenever there is an issue with electricity disconnection in Kenya.

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