How To Pay KPLC Postpaid Bill

How To Pay KPLC Postpaid Bill, Kenya Power Bill Payment

Are you searching for how to pay KPLC postpaid bill? You have come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll share various ways to pay the bill and avoid disconnection, which comes with having to pay the reconnection fee.

Every month, KPLC sends the bill to its postpaid customer detailing the amount to pay and the due date. 

KPLC has provided various ways to make the payment, ranging from mobile money service providers to pay the cash at their offices.

How to pay KPLC postpaid bill via Mpesa 

The first quick option to pay the KPLC postpaid bill is through Mpesa.

Mpesa is the leading mobile money service provider, and through a partnership with KPLC, you can make the bill payment. 

The following are steps to follow;

  • Open your mobile phone’s app and select the SIM toolkit app
  • Launch the app
  • Select Mpesa
  • From the menu list, select Lipa na mpesa
  • Select pay bill
  • Enter KPLC pay bill, which is 888 888
  • Go to your M-Pesa menu
  • Enter your postpaid meter number
  • Enter amount
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN
  • Confirm the details you entered are correct
  • Click Ok.

Within minutes you’ll receive a text from Mpesa confirming the transaction, and another one from KPLC confirms you have paid the bill.

Paying postpaid bill via Airtel Money 

If you use the Airtel network provider, you can also pay the postpaid bill through Airtel money.

The following are steps to follow;

  • Open your mobile phones apps
  • Select SIM toolkit app
  • Select Airtel Money
  • From the menu, select Make Payments
  • Choose Playbill
  • Enter KPLC pay bill, which is 888 888
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to pay
  • Enter your Airtel Money PIN
  • On the reference option, enter your postpaid meter number
  • Verify the details you entered are correct

After a few minutes, you’ll receive a confirmation message detailing your transaction from Airtel money and another from KPLC confirming the payment.

Pay Kenya Power  postpaid bill through Pay Cash Payment

The other option is to pay the postpaid bill in cash.

The cash payment should be made through the cashier at KPLC’s authorized dealers or regional offices.

B You ought to be given a receipt as confirmation you have made payment.

Pay KPLC bill at the bank

You can also pay a postpaid bill at the bank.

At the bank if you ask the customer care for the KPLC bank account will give it to you and you make the payment. 

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