How To Pay KPLC Bill Via Equitel

How To Pay KPLC Bill Via Equitel, Pay KPLC With Ease

Do you know with an Equitel Sim card, you can pay the KPLC bill directly from your mobile phone?  Yes, you can, and in this blog post, I’ll share with you everything you ought to know about how to pay the KPLC bill via Equitel.

More so, highlight what Equitel is and its importance. However, if you are an Equity bank member, you have heard about this Equitel, and you ought to have a bank with Equity to be issued with Equitel.

What is Equitel?

Equitel is a secure mobile telephone platform that gives you more flexibility, freedom, and management over your business, life, and money.

It enables you to do financial transactions and make phone calls, send SMS messages, and access the internet.

If Kenyans still despise one thing, it has to wait in line to pay their bills. You can quickly pay your Kenya Power and Lighting Company bill with Equitel.

 You will no longer have to travel to the nearest equity bank, filling the payment form, and queue to make the KPLC bill payment.  You will have access to your bank through a mobile phone.

Today even KPLC encourages its customers to use a mobile banking service provider to make payment of their bill because it is an easier and convenient method of paying the bill.

How to pay KPLC bill via Equitel

If you have been searching for how to pay the KPLC bill via Equitel, here is everything you need to know. First, you have to get the Equitel line which is an issue at any Equity bank. The terms and conditions you have to meet to be given the Sim card include having an active account.

If you have an account with Equity bank, then visit the nearest Equity bank and ask for an Equitel sim card. You’ll be guided on what to do, and before leaving the bank, they will issue you with one.

 If you have the Equitel Sim card, here are steps to follow and pay the KPLC bill, and the amount will be deducted from your bank account.

  •         From your Equitel menu, select Eazzy Pay
  •         Select Pay Bill from Eazzy Pay.
  •         Choose the bank account number to pay from
  •         Select business number – KPLC Bills (Post Paid)
  •         Enter your KPLC meter number
  •         Enter the amount
  •         Enter your Equitel PIN 
  •         Press OK
  •         Confirm that all details are correct by pressing 1 OK.

If the transaction is successful, you will receive a text from Equity bank to confirm the transaction and another from KPLC confirming the payment.

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