How To Open GTBank Account Without BVN

How To Open GTBank Account Without BVN, Follow These Steps

In today’s guide, we will briefly discuss how to open a GTBank account without BVN in the US.

A Bank Verification Number is essential for every bank account holder in Nigeria.

You, however, can still open a bank account without the BVN.

You can do this using the GTBank USSD transfer code or through the mobile app.

What Is The GTBank USSD Transfer Code

The GTBank USSD code used to open an account is *737#.

Ensure that you use the mobile phone you want to link to your accounts.

You have to first register and then activate it to use the code.

You do not need any internet connection to register for the service.

All you need is a phone with a stable network signal.

This is the GTBank USSD Transfer Code used to open an account.

How To Open GTBank Account Without BVN

Follow the steps below to open an account using the GTBank USSD code:

  1. First dial *737# on your mobile phone
  2. Next, select option one, which reads Open mobile wallet
  3. After that, enter your first name followed by your surname. You will be asked if you have a middle name. If you do, select yes and enter the name and if not, select no.
  4. Next, select your gender and enter your date of birth
  5. After that, you will be asked whether you want to proceed with account opening. If you do select Yes
  6. After that, GTBank will immediately send you an SMS with your account number and all other account details.

This is how to open an account without BVN in Nigeria.

How To Open GTBank Account Without BVN Via The Mobile App

To open an account via the GTBank mobile app without BVN, you need to first download and install the mobile app on your mobile phone.

Open the app and click on the Open Account icon on the homepage

After that, select the first option that reads For Non-GTBank Customer.

Two options will then be displayed; one to open an account with documents and another to open an account without documents.

You can select either of the two and select your turnover amount.

At this point, BVN is optional, so you won’t be forced to have it.

GTBank will then send you an SMS with your account number when you complete the process.

This is how to open a GTBank account without BVN through the GTBank mobile app in Nigeria.

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