How Can I Change My UBA Alert Number

How Can I Change My UBA Alert Number, Use This Procedure

How can I change my UBA alert number? This question is recurrent among UBA bank customers in Nigeria.

If you want the answers to this question, read through this quick guide.

Your UBA alert number is the mobile number you used to register your UBA account or linked to your accounts.

You get all transaction activities and notifications through this number.

If your mobile phone gets lost or you change your mobile number, you can change your alert number to the current one.

Requirements For Changing UBA Alert Number

Below are the basic requirements to replace your UBA alert number:

  • You should have a new mobile number to use for alerts
  • A UBA account number
  • You need to have the full name on your bank account
  • Old alert number you want to change

These are the basic requirements to change your UBA notification number in Nigeria.

How Can I Change My UBA Alert Number

Unfortunately, you cannot change your UBA alert number online through internet banking or the mobile app.

To change your UBA alert phone, visit the closest UBA branch.

Talk to the customer care desk and tell the customer service representative to change your account phone number.

You will then be asked for the requirements above, and if you qualify, you will be given an account update form to fill out.

Your request will then be processed, and your alert number will change within 24 hours.

You can also call UBA customer care to change an account phone number.

This is how to change your Alert number in Nigeria.

What Are The Charges

There are no charges for changing account information.

Therefore, you can change your UBA alert number as many times as you want without incurring any costs.

This is the cost of changing your UBA alert number in Nigeria.

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