How To Get KPLC Bill Statement Via Email

How to get KPLC bill statement via email In Kenya

If you have been searching how to check to get the KPLC bill statement via email, you will find all the details here.

With the KPLC new system in place, you can now check your electricity bill through email.

In this blog post, I will explain to you how to go about it step by step.

Getting Kenya Power Bill Statement Through e-mail

If you are a KPLC customer, you have a reason to smile because they have upgraded their services to enable you easy access to their services.

As a KPLC customer, you will benefit from this system’s rapid electricity bill updates, improved customer support response time, and self-service modules.

Kenyans who use electricity benefit the most from recent technological improvements.

Say goodbye to the days when all you had to do was wait for your monthly Kenya Power bill statement to arrive in the mail, and welcome to the digital age.

You don’t have to wait for your electricity bill to build up before you settle it.

You can keep track of your electricity consumption and make timely payments thanks to the Kenya Power Customer Management System (CMS) convenience.

The following are what you ought to do and take advantage f the new ways to self-service introduced by KPLC.

How to Check KPLC bill statement via email

It is easy and fast to get a KPLC bill statement via email.

The process is simple to follow.

The best part is you will not spend anything.

All you need is to be connected to the internet and have an email address.

If you have these requirements, here are steps to follow and get your KPLC bill sent via email;

  •       The first step is to open your mobile, laptop, or computer browser
  •       Type the email service provider you use, for example, Gmail
  •       After opening the mail, click compose or create a new email
  •       On the recipient enter KPLC email address
  •       Next, write your KPLC meter number
  •       Click send

Wait for a few minutes, and you will receive an email from KPLC with your KPLC statement.

Wait for a few minutes and check your inbox for KPLC’s reply.

The response is automatic as they have a new system in place to serve customers.

You can send the email any time of the day, and you’ll receive the statement.

There are no charges.

You no longer have to wait for the bill at the end of the month because you can request a billing statement from KPLC anytime.

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