How To Get Cheap KPLC Tokens

How To Get Cheap KPLC Tokens, Buy Your Tokens At Affordable Price

Do you know you can get KPLC tokens at a cheap rate? In this blog post, I’ll share with you various ways you can get cheap KPLC tokens and save a lot of money.

The trick to getting KPLC tokens at a cheap rate is to opt for the tariff, which cost is cheap, and know the appropriate time of the month when to buy the token because the charge per unit is on the lower end.

KPLC tariffs    

KPLC has categorized its customers under different tariffs. Each tariff differs from the other in terms of charges per unit.

Domestic Lifeline

  Local consumers whose monthly consumption exceeds 100 units are charged Ksh 10 per kWh in this category. This is the best and cheapest tariff you can consider if you would like to get cheap KPLC tokens.

Domestic Ordinary  

If you use more than 100 units per month but less than 15,000 units per month, you will be charged flat energy prices of Ksh 15.8 per kWh. The charges are the same when you get to buy less than ten units.

Small Commercial1 

The small consumer one tariff is for small businesses that fall into this category and use between 0 and 100 units per month. This type of customer is charged Ksh 10 per kWh for electricity. The rate also applies when you buy more than ten tokens at once.

In simple terms, this means that a domestic consumer is the best tariff and best option if you would like to get tokens at a cheap rate. The trick here is to buy not more than ten units at the same time.

 You can buy as many times as you would like but ensure the units are less than 10. In the end, you will realize you will get more tokens with the same money compared to when you buy tokens at once using the same amount of money.

The time you buy the tokens

The other factor which determines how to get cheap KPLC tokens is when you purchase the units. The prices of tokens differ at different times of the month.

At the start of the month 1st and 8th of the month, KPLC costs only KSh 18.80/KWHr, followed by between the 8th and 14th at KSh 22.12, the 15th and 21st at KSh 22.12, and finally Payment 4 (between the 22nd and 31st at KSh 22.12.

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