How To Buy KPLC Token Via T-kash

How To Buy KPLC Token Via T-kash, Purchase KPLC With Ease

If you use the Telkom line, you’ll find this article useful as it shows how to buy KPLC token via T-kash.  Telkom is one of the mobile service providers in Kenya and for years now has been offering mobile money services.

Through T-kash, you can buy a KPLC token. The process is easy and fast because you do everything on your mobile phone.  Therefore if you have a T-kash account, you can top it up or if you have money, opt to buy a token as it is the ideal method. After buying the token, you’ll receive them immediately within minutes.

Since KPLC introduced prepaid services in 2009, the prepaid system allows its customers to load their meter, and after the units loaded have depleted, you ought to buy units again. It is a system that has eased the collection of KPLC electricity bills. More so, you get for what you pay.

The prepaid meter even led to abolishing the monthly standing charges. Also, there is no connection fee in case of disconnection as you recharge your token, and the electricity automatically connects back. However, you can avoid disconnection by buying tokens through T-kash.

What is T-kash?

T-Kash is a Telkom Kenya LTD-owned mobile financial service that provides a wide range of cross-functional solutions for both enterprise and consumer markets.  You can use the T-Kash also to buy tokens or even pay bills.

T-Kash from Telkom Kenya has transformed nearly everything in the world of mobile commerce. T-Kash is more reasonable than other service providers, and in these difficult economic times, you need a service provider that is favorable to your wallet.

T-Kash is a quick and easy way to send money. Nothing irritates a person more than making a payment and waiting an eternity for a confirmation message. T-Kash is a quick and efficient service.  You can buy a KPLC token using Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) pay bill 888880 for prepaid.

How to Pay KPLC using T-Kash

The following are steps to follow and buy a KPLC token through T-kash.

  •         Go to your T-Kash Menu
  •         select ‘Pay Bill.’
  •         Select ‘Popular’ (a list of Popular Billers will be displayed)
  •         Select your preferred Biller
  •         Enter account number
  •         confirm details
  •         Enter amount
  •         Enter your T-Kash PIN

The process will be completed within seconds. You’ll receive a text from KPLC detailing the amount of token you have bought and another one from T-Kash confirming the amount deducted from your account and the confirmation the money was sent to KPLC.

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