How To Get Access Bank Token

How To Get Access Bank Token, Follow These Steps

If you have opened this page, then you must be looking for how to get Access Bank Token in Nigeria.

Please read through the guide to learn everything about the Token.

A Bank token PIN is a PIN issued by Access bank PLC to its account holders to authorize bank transactions.

A token is a security tool to authenticate your transactions and prevent fraudulent activities with your account.

You are required to enter a Token transaction response before you complete any transaction.

What Are The Types Of Access Bank Tokens

There is a soft token and a hard token PIN.

An Access soft token is generated through the token app on your phone.

You need to install the token app on your phone to generate this token.

A hard Access token, on the other hand, is an authentication code applied through the bank.

Unlike the soft token, you can use the token anytime you want as it doesn’t have an expiry period.

These are the different types of Access tokens in Nigeria.

How To Get Access Bank Token

Download an Access token app from the apple store or google play store.

After that, activate the app using your Online Banking details.

Please visit an Access bank branch near you to get a Hand token.

You will be given a token application form to fill out and then give back to the bank’s agent.

Alternatively, send an email to Access and request a token.

This is how to get an Access token in Nigeria.

How To Use AccessBank TokenĀ 

When making any transactions, enter the token to authenticate the transaction.

Below are some Bank transactions that need the token:

  • Paying bills
  • Cash transfers
  • Blocking an ATM cardĀ 
  • Changing ATM or Account PIN
  • Account opening

These are some ways to use the Access token in Nigeria.

What Is The Cost

You are charged N1,500 to get the AccessBank Token in Nigeria.

You have to pay the cash after filling out the token application form for the Token processing to be complete.

This is all the information you need about the Access Bank Token in Nigeria.

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