How to fix GOtv no signal

How To Fix GOtv No Signal, 2022, Steps To Increase GOtv Signal Strength

Do you want to know how to fix GOtv No Signal message on your decoder? Read this guide.

Gotv no signal has been one of the problems that the subscribers are going through.

If we want our no signal to be resolved, we always have to contact the Gotv installer for assistance, but this might take a while due to delay as the installer of the antenna might take along to get to you.

There is no need to panic as we have come up with all the steps to follow to help you recover your signal when you are experiencing no signal on your Gotv.

Why is my GOtv showing no signal?

Below are some of the causes of no signal on your Gotv;

1. Perhaps there is a flaw in your decoder.

2. Your antenna might have changed in the correct direction.

3. Your antenna is damaged.

4. Perhaps there is a split in your Gotv antenna cable.

5. When your antenna is broken, your Gotv indicates no signal.

Requirements to increase your TV signal strength

Here is what you need to restore the signal on your Gotv:

1. A new coaxial cable

2. Ladder

3. Power source

4. Gotv antenna ( new or existing)

5. Hammer, screwdriver, teen spinner, and


Steps to fix Gotv no signal problems

Follow the guidelines below:

1. Associate your Gotv decoder power source and turn it on.

2. Stand by until it completes the booting process.

3. When no signal shows, press the “help” button on the remote to display the “menu.”

4. Go to “advance options” and enter OK.

5.Choose “signal information” and enter OK.

6. You will see the GOtv signal strength and quality are not displayed.

7. Ask someone to watch in the room for you and go to the roof using the ladder where your antenna is fixed.

8. Try changing the aerial direction from left to right all around to see if the signal appears.

9. If the signal does not show up, change the aerial cable and replace it with a new coaxial cable.

10. Associate the new cable to the same cable port on the aerial.

11. Put the cable well in the room where the decoder is.

12. Replace the old cable with the new cable on the back of the decoder.

13. After replacing the cable, the signal shows up, but if you feel it’s not good, climb on top of the roof and shift the aerial all around to get a high alert.

14. Once your signal is restored, scan the decoder to recover your lost GOtv channels.

15. Enter “Exit” to remove the menu display and start watching your channels.

Basically, that is how to fix GOtv no signal on your decoder.

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