How To Contact Safaricom MPESA Customer Care

How To Contact Safaricom Mpesa Customer Care, 2022, Simple Customer Service Guide

In case you were wondering how you can contact Safaricom Mpesa customer care, this guide will show you exactly how.

For at least a decade, Safaricom has been offering Mpesa users the best customer services. 

Today there are millions of users that experience different challenges on a daily basis.

Therefore, finding the best and fastest way to contact Mpesa customer service is of utmost importance.

Since Mpesa transactions happen so fast, you are bound to make serious errors like sending money to the wrong pay bill or person.

As such, Safaricom has created several ways to contact Mpesa customer services and recover the money sent.

How To Contact Mpesa Customer Care Through Phone

A phone call is the first choice you can use to reach Mpesa customer care through a hotline committed to handling all of your Mpesa queries.

To reach Mpesa customer care services through phone, dial 234.

As Safaricom offers services in Swahili and English, you will be prompted to pick the language you wish to continue with.

Enter the number you are told to complete the request. If you wish to speak to an agent, enter the number you are told.

The second option is to dial 100.

You will be urged to select the language you wish to continue with. Either Swahili or English.

Listen carefully, then to complete the requests, enter the number according to your request.

To perform self-customer care services, dial *234# or *100#, enter the number with your request to get solutions as instructed.

How To Contact Zuri For Mpesa Queries

Safaricom has embraced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to increase its competitive advantage in the telecommunication industry.

Zuri is an AI chatbot programmed to assist in solving Mpesa problems in the fastest possible way.

Every Safaricom user can now chat with Zuri on WhatsApp messenger and on Telegram messenger. 

For Mpesa queries, Zuri can assist in Mpesa reversals, recovering Mpesa PIN, unlocking Mpesa accounts, and other Mpesa related problems.

To start a chat with Zuri on WhatsApp, send a message detailing your queries to +254 722 000 100.

How To Contact Mpesa Customer Care Via My Safaricom App

My Safaricom App is an application created by Safaricom to enable easy access to Mpesa services.

The Mpesa application can be found on the Google Play Store and App Store.

After downloading and installing it, you will need to follow these steps to contact Mpesa customer care;

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap on “Talk to us”.
  3. Select “chat with customer care agent”.
  4. Give the details of your queries in an active live chat with the agent.

This is the easiest and most suitable way to contact Mpesa customer care agents.

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