How To Check KPLC Quotation

How To Check KPLC Quotation, Kenya Power Quote

If you have been searching how to check KPLC quotation, you have come to the right place.

You’ll find this article useful as it entails various ways you can check the equation and other details related to the Kenya Power quotation, like a timeline.

During applying for an electricity connection, you get to receive the quotation of how much to pay to have KPLC connect you with electricity.

The quotation comes after KPLC evaluation, where the connection is being done and considering factors like how many poles are required and the distance from the last person connected with electricity.

The process of evaluation takes time, as specified by KPLC.

More you get to receive the quotation according to your inquiry. 

Therefore when trying to check the KPLC quotation, you should be aware of the timelines given by KPLC.

Kenya Power quotation timelines

Kenya Power has outlined the time it takes before you receive the quotation, which is important to wait for that time before you start checking for the quotation.

If that time is now over and you have not received  the quotation, you should start to check the quotation if the time given is over:

  •         If you require a meter, only the quotation is available within7 days
  •         If you require low voltage extension, the quotation is available within 14 days
  •         If you require low voltage extension (Single phase up to 8 kVa), the quotation is available within 28 days
  •         If you are requiring medium voltage extension or trans­former quotation is available within 28 days
  •         If you require a connection at a high voltage within the period agreed with the Customer.

 How to check KPLC quotation

If you have waited for the timeline to give and still didn’t receive the quotation, now you can try to check.

Here I’ll share where to check KPLC quotations.

Visiting KPLC offices

The right place to check the KPLC quotation is at the KPLC offices.

KPLC have their offices spread all over the country.

Therefore, it is certain there is one near you.

At the office, you will explain to the customer care you would like to check on your quotation and will get feedback immediately.

If you cannot get to the offices, you can also call the KPLC customer and request your quotation status.

You’ll be advised what to do.

You can contact KPLC customer care by dialing hotline numbers 97771 or 0703070707, or 0732170170. 

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