How To Check KPLC Debt Of Tokens

How to check KPLC debt of tokens, Know Your Debts

Do you want to know how to check KPLC debt of tokens in Kenya? Check this guide.

It is possible to check the remaining data if you are a prepaid customer, but if you are postpaid, you don’t because your bill is calculated at the end of the month.

Thus, if you have been searching for how to check the Kenya Power debt of tokens, this is the article to read.

It is straightforward to know the remaining token.

All you have to do is check your KPLC token meter.

However, if you don’t trust what you see on the meter, there are other ways you can check your debt of tokens.

Today, it is easy to access the KPLC bill services as they have a new system.

The e-bill is an automatic bill inquiry tool that allows you to check KPLC debt of tokens and balance via email or SMS at any time and from any location.

How to check KPLC debt of tokens via SMS

You can send the message to KPLC, and they will reply with your account details, including the debt of the token.

The SMSM will cost Kshs.5.

Here are steps to follow and send the message:

  •         Open your phone and select the messaging app
  •         Select compose new message 
  •         Enter the KPLC number 95551 in the Send field
  •         Enter your account number on the subject part
  •         Click send

If the message is successfully sent, you’ll receive a response from KPLC, and the message you’ll receive will entail your debt of tokens.

Checking Kenya Power debt of tokens via email

You can also check the KPLC debt of tokens via email. You get to compose an email and send it to KPLC.

Courtesy of the e-bill services, you will receive a response immediately when you send the email.

Follow these steps to send the email:

  •         After access to the email service provider select create or compose option
  •         Enter KPLC email in the send to box
  •         In the subject field, enter your account number.
  •         Click send

Within seconds, you’ll receive an email from KPLC with your account details, including the debt of tokens.

Get KPLC debt of token through USSD

You can also check the tokens’ debt by dialing USSD code *977# and selecting check balance.

The normal charge rates apply when you dial this USSD code no matter the network provider in Kenya.

It is the quickest way to check the debt of a token compared to the above options.

It is after a few clicks, and you know the debt is remaining. 

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