How To Check KPLC Bill

How to check KPLC bill, Gey Your Kenya Power Bill Instantly

This blog post aims to explain to you various ways you can check the KPLC bill.

As a KPLC customer, you don’t have to wait until the bill is sent to you to know how much you are supposed to pay.

There are various options available you can take advantage of and check your KPLC bill.

The new approach by KPLC, where you can self-service, is meant to make the KKC services easily accessible.

Moreover, since the introduction of the self-service, there has been a huge improvement in rendering the services by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company.

Therefore here we have highlighted the best ways to check the KPLC bill and comfort of your home either you choose to check through USSD, SMS, or e-mail. 

The choice is yours which method suits you best.

How To Check Your KPLC Bill Through SMS

The first available option on how to check the Kenya Power bill is through sending an SMS.

Below are steps to follow and send the SMS successfully.

  •         Open your mobile apps and select message application
  •         Click create message
  •         On the recipient enter 95551
  •         On the write, message enter your meter number and click the ok button

You’ll receive a reply from KPLC within minutes, and the message will be detailing your electricity bill amount.

 Check the bill online

You can check the KPLC bill online through the KPLC website.

You ought to have an account to access the services like check bill.

It is easy to sign up.

Visit the KPLC official website and click sign up and follow prompts.

After successfully signing up, you log in to the portal, click my bill, and follow prompts.

Besides checking the bill, you can access other numerous essential services through the portal.

How To Check KPLC Bill Through USSD code

It is easy and quick to check your bill through USSD.

As a post-pay customer, you don’t have to wait until when your bill is sent from KPLC; through dialing *977#, you can check the bill.

After dialing the code, you are required to choose the relevant service you need to access.

There are services like buy token, check last token refill, and other services accessible through the same USSD code.

Checking Kenya Power Bill Through Email

You can also check your KPLC bill by sending an e-mail.

It is easy to compose the message; here are steps to follow:

  1. Click compose email
  2. Write your meter number
  3. Send the email to

You’ll receive an automatic email response with details of your electricity bill.

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