How To Check KPLC Account Number

How to check KPLC account number, Find Your Account Number

Chances are you are searching how to check the KPLC account number.

We have this blog post to share with you hot to check the account, especially to the repaid customers who, without knowing the account, cannot buy tokens.

Every KPLC meter comes with its unique number, which is used to buy the token for the prepaid customers and pay the electricity bill for the posts-paid customers.

The postpaid are lucky because the bill comes along with their meter number.

Thus, when paying, they can refer to the message sent by KPLC.

The case is different for the prepaid customer who will not buy the token without knowing the meter number so that you will remain in the dark.

In most cases, the meter number is written on the meter, but when you remove the writing, then it’s hard to tell the number.

It is not even easy to memorize those digits as they amount to some meter up to 11.

KPLC understands this may happen; that is why there is a way to check account numbers according to your meter brand.

How to check KPLC account number

KPLC installs different prepaid meter boxes, and you can check the account according to your meter box.  

 You don’t have to struggle to know your meter brand because it is labeled.

After knowing your meter brand, then check below how to check the account number.

The below indicated KPLC prepaid meter numbers are the ones mostly installed by KPLC.

Checking ACTARIS Meter Number

If your meter brand is ACTARIS, you can check the account number by dialing 100 and then press enter or #

HEXING Meter Box

All KPLC prepaid customers using HEXING meter brand can check the account number through dialing 804, then press enter or #

Check KPLC CONLOG Meter Number

If your meter brand is CONLOG you can check the account number by dialing #100, then enter or press #


If your meter brand is SHENZEN, you can check the account number by pressing 65 and then enter.

 If the meter brand you are using is not above, you can try pressing 000# or 100#.

Contact KPLC Customer Care To Know Your Meter Number

If you have tried all possible ways to check your KPLC meter account and are unsuccessful, the next solution is to call KPLC customer care.

The number to use is 95551, 0703070707, or 0732170170.

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