How To Check KPLC Account Balance

How to check KPLC account balance, Kindly Follow These Steps

Are you searching for how to check the KPLC account balance? We have this article for you explaining three ways to opt and successfully checking your Kenya Power account balance.

It is understandable you may be required to pay a certain electricity bill, and since you don’t have all the money, you pay but not enough to clear the bill.

The remaining balance will be pending, and you are required to clear it.

The only way to know the remaining balance is to check your account in the following ways:

How to Check your KPLC Account Balance via SMS

You can check your KPLC account balance through SMS by following the below steps;

  •         Open your Message App
  •         Select a new SMS message.
  •         Enter KPLC account shortcode 95551 on the recipient
  •         Enter your KPLC meter account number
  •         Click send

You will automatically receive an SMS in a minute with all of the details regarding your Kenya Power account, including your balance.

Please keep in mind that there will be a Ksh. 5 service fee.

Checking your Kenya Power Balance via email

You can also check your KPLC account balance through SMS. The latter is possible as KPLC installed a new system, E-bill.

The eBill e-mail system allows you with checking your Kenya Power account balance, receive your electricity statement, and bill due date through email.

To successfully conduct your KPLC electricity bill inquiry via email, you must have Internet access and follow these steps to check your electricity bills via email. 

  •         Log in to your email account.
  •         Select compose a new email.
  •         Enter the first part of your Account Number in the subject field.
  •         Enter KPLC email address

  Within seconds you’ll receive an e-mail from KPLC with all details about your account.

How to check your KPLC Account Balance online

You can also get the account balance by visiting the KPLC portal.

It is among the most dependable approaches to inquire about your Kenya electricity bill.

You can check your Kenya Power account online using this method.

You can check your KPLC bill online by going to the Kenya Power Company’s website, entering the first portion of your account number in the box labeled account name, and then clicking submit.

To receive a positive response, it is critical to enter the right account number and follow the message-sending procedure.

If you followed the instructions correctly, you should receive an immediate response containing your account balance information.

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