How To Apply For KPLC Meter

How to apply for KPLC meter, Ultimate Guide To Kenya Power Meter

If you would like to get an electricity connection, you will be required to apply for the KPLC meter. It is easy to apply for the meter, and here we share step by step what to do.

The case is the same if you would like to change your current gauge.

It is easy to make the application and doesn’t even require any assistance. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Steps to follow when applying for KPLC meter

The first thing to know about the application for the KPLC meter is done by visiting the KPLC offices.

The best option is to visit the KPLC offices.

After getting to the nearest KPLC office, here are the steps you will have to undergo.

Submitting an application For KPLC Meter

The first step is to fill the application form, which you can download from the KPLC portal and fill in in advance.

During the application, you’ll be required to fill in details, including the type of service and your trick prepaid and other details.

After filling the form with the correct documents, the last thing is to fill in the details required on the contact form.

If you want to apply for the KPLC meter in Kenya, you need to have the requirements below.

The following are documents you’ll be required to attach before submitting the application form:

  •         A copy of your National Identity Card or Passport
  •         PIN certificate copy
  •         Wiring certificates
  •         Consent from the property owner
  •         A sketch leads to the physical location where the connection is needed.

If you are as a Corporates the following are documents you’ll be required to attach on the application form;

  •         PIN certificate copy
  •         Signed wiring certificates
  •         Signed supply contract
  •         A site plan in case you are applying for real estate, a mall, or an industry

Kenya Power site visit

To apply for KPLC meter, Kenya Power specialists will travel to your location after your application has been granted to conduct a site inspection to ensure that you meet their criteria.

They will also give you an estimate for the entire cost of the installation.

This stage will be completed within eight days of receiving your application.

Make Payments To Apply For Meter

You should now continue and pay the required fees based on the technicians’ estimates.

To get started, bring all of your receipts to any KPLC branch.

Installation of KPLC prepaid meters.

That is how to apply for KPLC meter in Kenya.

Kenya Power Meter Connection

After payment is received, KPLC will start installing the meter, and the process will be concluded in 75 days.

Kenya Power specialists will install the required electrical poles and lines at your location.

They’ll also install a prepaid meter on your gage box and provide you with a Customer Interface Unit to enter the token top-up code.

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