How To Check BVN On Airtel Nigeria

How To Check BVN On Airtel Nigeria, Follow The Steps Below

You have come to the right place if you are searching for how to check BVN on Airtel Nigeria.

This guide will show you all the ways to check BVN on airtel.

Bank Verification Number is a unique 11-digit number used in all banking and financial institutions in Nigeria to identify each bank account holder.

You can only have one BVN even if you have many accounts with different banks in Nigeria.

What Are The requirements

To check BVN on the airtel line, ensure that you use the airtel line to register your bank account.

You can also contact your bank to change the link number and replace it with your airtel number.

You should top up your airtel number with at least N20.

If you don’t have airtime, you can use borrowed credit to check BVN.

Follow the normal steps to borrow credit and recharge your airtel line with at least N20.

These are the basic requirements to check BVN on Airtel Nigeria.

How To Check BVN On Airtel Nigeria

You can use the BVN USSD code 8565# to check your BVN details on any mobile network.

To check BVN on airtel Nigeria, follow the steps below:

  1. First, ensure you top up your airtel line with at least N20
  2. Next, dial *565*0# on the phone and wait for a few seconds for the code to load
  3. After that, your BVN details will be displayed
  4. After that, a notification of N20 debit from your line will be sent to you

This is how to know BVN on Airtel Nigeria.

What Happens When You Get An Error Message

You may get an error message ‘No Response’ if your line doesn’t have the N20 airtime.

If you get an error message ‘Line is linked to multiple BVN,’ it means that your airtel number has been used to enroll for BVN by more than one person.

When this happens, advise the other person using your phone number to go to their enrollment bank and change the phone number mapped to their BVN.

This is all the information you need to know about how to check BVN on Airtel Nigeria.

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