How To Buy Airtel To Safaricom Minutes

How To Buy Airtel To Safaricom Minutes, Follow These Steps

Today, we will show you how to buy airtel to Safaricom minutes in Kenya.

Communication has been made easy such that people do not need to be on the same network to communicate.

Mobile networks have enabled their customers to buy subsidized minutes to call people using other networks.

If you are using the airtel network, you can now talk to friends using the Safaricom network by purchasing tubonge minutes and voice bundles.

What are the charges for airtel to Safaricom? 

Airtel charges Ksh 1 per minute to call other networks, including Safaricom.

What Is Airtel Tubonge?

Airtel tubonge is an exciting voice product set by airtel to make communication easier and cheaper.

With tubonge minutes you get to talk more for less.

Tubonge enables Airtel subscribers to efficiently communicate with Safaricom subscribers for less money compared to normal airtime.

Airtel tubonge has a preferential rate of 2 shillings + Tax to call Safaricom.

Tubonge unlimited offers free airtel to airtel calls and minutes for airtel to Safaricom.

How To Buy Airtel To Safaricom Minutes

To buy airtel to Safaricom minutes, follow the basic steps below:

  1. To buy airtel to Safaricom bundles, dial *544# on your device
  2. Next, select option three, which reads unlimited combo
  3. Select your desired voice bundles such as the daily, weekly or monthly unlimited
  4. Choose your preferred minute offers
  5. After that, select your preferred mode of payment, whether airtime, airtel money or M-Pesa
  6. A confirmation message will be sent to you if the purchase was successful

This is basically how you buy airtel to Safaricom minutes

What Is The Rate For Airtel To Safaricom Minutes?

The airtel to Safaricom minutes rates are as follows:

Daily unlimited

  • 100MB, 20 SMS and 10 Minutes for Ksh 20
  • 200MB, 100SMS and 25 Minutes for Ksh 50
  • 400MB, 500SMS and 60 Minutes for Ksh 100

Weekly Unlimited

  • 200MB 50 SMS and 15 Minutes for Ksh 50
  • 1GB, 500SM 100 Minutes for Ksh 250
  • 1.5GB, 1000SMS and 100Minutes for Ksh 300
  • 2.5GB, 2500 SMS and 300 Minutes for Ksh 500

Monthly unlimited

  • 1GB and 100 Minutes for Ksh 399
  • 3GB, 1000SMS and 150 Minutes for Ksh 500
  • 10GB, 2000 SMS and 400 Minutes for Ksh 1000
  • 24GB, 10000SMS and 1200 Minutes for Ksh 2000

These are the various daily, weekly and monthly unlimited bundle rates.

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