How To Block Fidelity Bank Account In Nigeria

How To Block Fidelity Bank Account In Nigeria

Are you interested to learn how to block a Fidelity Bank account in Nigeria? If you do, then check out this guide!

Fidelity Bank has introduced self-service means that you can use to block your account.

If you need to block your fidelity bank account, you don’t have to visit the bank branch as you can use your mobile phone to do so.

How To Block Fidelity Bank Account In Nigeria 

The Fidelity Bank USSD code to block an account is *770*911#.

Dial the code, input your phone number, and follow the onscreen prompts to block the account.

To block the account instantly, please dial *770*911*Phone Number#.

For instance, if the phone number linked to your bank account is 08014433552, then dial *770*911*08014433552#.

You can dial the code on any phone number, even if it’s not the one registered with your bank account.

This is how to deactivate the Fidelity Bank account in Nigeria via the USSD Code.

How To Deactivate Fidelity Bank Account In Nigeria Through Customer Support

You can contact Fidelity Bank customer care to block your account.

Contact them through the customer support line, email, or official social media handles.

State why you want to block your account and provide information identifying the card you want to block.

You need to verify your authenticity for your request to be processed by customer support.

Email the bank at or dial *770911# on your phone.

Fidelity Bank Twitter and the Facebook handle is @fidelitybankplc.

This is how to block Fidelity’s bank account through customer support in Nigeria.

How To Unblock Your Account

If you block your account through the USSD code or customer service, you will have to visit the bank branch to unblock it.

You cannot unblock the account through a USSD code.

This is all the information you need about how to block the Fidelity bank account in Nigeria.

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